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Home Remodeling  /  February 22, 2017

4 Creative Remodeling Ideas for Your Old Fireplace

Fireplaces are among the most popular components in homes across North America. Apart from providing a supplemental source of heat, they also create a focal point for entertainment and relaxation with family members. When you think your old fireplace doesn’t deliver the benefits you expect, it’s time to do something about it.

There are several reasons homeowners choose to plan a fireplace upgrade. Some of the most common are a fireplace that is in need of a major repair and a unit that is simply not complementing their changing interior decor. No matter your reasons, Handyman Connection of Boise is here to help. We list down four of the best ideas to incorporate in your next fireplace upgrade.

  1. Bright Colors for a Bolder Look – Old fireplaces usually have unsightly or collapsing bricks. You can remove them and put new ones in place for a fresher look. If you want to give your fireplace a modern, edgy look without exerting too much money and effort, however, then consider painting them over with bold colors. Colors like orange, purple, and green can make your fireplace a standout among the rest of your interior components.
  1. Series of Artwork – For a more artsy-themed fireplace, you can fill the backdrop with different artworks, such as Audobon prints, landscape paintings, and even colorful jars. Be careful to balance the colors, though, to avoid visual stress when staring at your fireplace design.
  1. Contrast is King – Gone are the days when we accentuated our fireplace with a drab wall and white bricks. Nowadays, you can highlight the beauty of your fireplace more by creating a dramatic contrast. For example, surrounding the hearth with gray stone veneer placed on the surface of a black wall will do the trick. You can also put a three-dimensional art piece on top of your fireplace for a more interesting design.
  1. Dimensional Panels – While easy-to-do and low-maintenance, a three-dimensional background style is sure to add character to your aesthetics.

If you’re looking for other ideas to get creative with your fireplace or if you’d like to give this space a complete makeover, give Handyman Connection of Boise a call. Our expert crew can recommend and perform the best ideas for your needs.


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