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Home Improvement  /  January 30, 2017

Tips and Tricks for Painting

Are you faced with several painting projects? Let Handyman Connection of Boise help you get those chores off your list and brighten up your home. With a few painting tips and tricks from our professionals, you’ll get your home looking extra impressive for the upcoming holidays.

Tip #1: Preparation is Key

Obtaining a professional-looking paint job doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire a professional. In fact, if you do a little preparing before you actually paint, you’ll most likely end up with a fantastic outcome. Start by thoroughly washing your walls with a rinse-free cleaning solution and take note of dents, peeling paint or holes. Once the walls are dry, fill in any large cracks and gaps with plaster of Paris or a thin layer of paintable acrylic-latex caulk. For small cracks and dents, use rubberized spray-on primer. You can also repair damaged wood trim by applying wood filler or painter’s putty and then lightly sanding the surface until smooth. It’s also a good idea to sand glossy surfaces with a light grade sanding sponge, deglosser or liquid sandpaper. This will not only create a smoother surface but will also increase your paint’s ability to adhere to the walls.

Next, use professional grade painter’s tape to get a professional touch to your room. When applying the tape around your windows and doors, set it into the trim by firmly running a putty knife over it to keep paint from running under it. The tape also works well to keep paint from getting on your carpet when you paint your baseboards. Simply take a section of tape the length of each wall and press it down against your baseboard, making sure about ¼ inch of the tape covers the bottom edge of the baseboard. This method keeps the carpet down as you paint. Then, once the paint is completely dry, carefully remove it or cut it with a utility knife and, presto, you’ll find that the carpet will rise and hide the unpainted baseboard edge! This trick will not work, however, if you have low pile carpeting or it lacks padding. Additionally, be sure to cover the whole area and the tape with thick drop cloths, which will ensure any splatters won’t stain your carpet.

Tip # 2: Take Time to Prime

Using a high quality primer will ensure your paint will look smooth and even and will bond to the surface. Alcohol and alkyd primers cover and seal stains, while oil primers work best on bare or varnished wood and wood that’s heavily weathered or peeling. Once you’ve completely primed your surface, it’s best to start painting right away to take advantage of the primer’s adhesion qualities. If you must postpone your painting, try to get to it within 12 hours from the time you applied your primer.

Tip #3: All Paints are Not Created Equal

With the plethora of paints in your local home repair store, you may feel confused about which one will work best for your project. Let Handyman Connection of Boise lighten your load! Let’s start with the type of room you’re painting. If it’s a bathroom, kitchen or children’s room, we recommend a semi-gloss or eggshell gloss latex paint, which resists stains and can be scrubbed. Choose flat paints for more formal rooms and ceilings. Lastly, apply two coats for best results and be sure not to spread the paint too thinly.

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