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Home Maintenance  /  September 12, 2016

How To: Replace Doorknobs and Dead Bolts

One of the “to do” tasks most would recommend after buying a new home, including the crew here at Handyman Connection of Boise, is to replace all of your door knobs and dead bolts on all exterior doors. After you’ve purchased the home, there’s an impossible way of knowing if any copies of those keys are floating around. Replacing your doorknobs and dead bolts is a simple, inexpensive way to ensure peace of mind and to guarantee preventative measures in keeping your home and family safe, especially in a new home. Check out the following steps to remove the old doorknobs and dead bolts, and to replace the new ones.

Start by counting up the number of doors you need replacement hardware for. Don’t forget about basement doors that may lead outside, garage doors, and etc. Try to find as many knobs and dead bolts with “keyed alike” sets so that you can use the same key for each door for convenience and organizations sake. Any local hardware store can help direct you to the right spot.

After you’ve gathered your new knobs and dead bolts, loosen the old ones by removing the screws typically found on the inside of the door with a screwdriver. If you can’t find them on the deadbolt, try turning it to reach them. After that’s done, remove the latch and the throw as well by sliding it through its hole.

Now that the old knobs and bolts are removed, it’s time to install the new doorknob. Install the latch and make sure the screws are secured tightly. Line up the outside and inside knobs according to the holes along the door and insert the new screws tightly. Way to go! You have a brand new doorknob.

Next, install the new dead bolt the same way by installing the throw and lining up the keyed side of the bolt so that it fits through the hole in the center of the throw. Place the screws in the appropriate holes, and tighten them really tight. Typically, deadbolts have an arrow on the side that will illustrate how the deadbolt should be facing. Just make sure the deadbolt is rotated to the proper position following the arrow.

Depending on the types of knobs and bolts you purchase, it could be a little more complicated, but it’s fairly simple once you’ve understood how it works, and have the proper tools. When purchasing your knobs and deadbolts here in Boise, make sure you are aware of the size of your old door knobs and deadbolts, so that you won’t have to put in any extra work when it’s time to install them.

At Handyman Connection of Boise, our goal is to help make your house a home by being there to help with any and all of your home maintenance projects, however big or small. Be sure to give us a call if you have questions about doorknob or deadbolt installs, or for other projects around your house!


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