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Home Improvement>Repairs  /  June 29, 2016

The Value of an Annual Home Inspection

Your home-sweet-home is your private domain, the place where you can kick off your shoes and relax at the end of a stressful day. It’s also an investment in your financial future. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or live in it for the rest of your life, it makes sound fiscal sense to protect its value with an annual home inspection. It’s a great budgeting tool as well. A professional assessment can provide you with critical information you need to address potential problems before they lead to costly repairs.

Most typical annual inspections include a visual examination of the physical structure of your home and a maintenance check on the systems that you rely on for electricity, plumbing and comfort. From the basement to the attic, all of the walls, ceilings and floors are carefully examined to verify that nothing can compromise your home’s structural integrity. Whether it’s a tangle of electrical wiring or a rotted window sill, anything that might impact your health, safety or security gets top priority during the inspection.

When it comes to systems like hot water, heating and air conditioning, the primary goal is to ensure that everything is operating safely and efficiently. Special attention is paid to plumbing and electrical hook-ups to verify that connections aren’t posing any safety or health hazards to you and your family. The inspection can provide you with information about the service life expectancy of your systems too, so you can plan ahead for replacements and upgrades.

What Are the Benefits?

A yearly evaluation of your home’s condition is the best way to ensure that you’re not surprised by a major expense down the road. The information you receive will help you make informed decisions about how to spend your home maintenance dollars, both now and in the future. Your home inspector can also provide with useful tips on how to raise the value of your property with upgrades that can improve your life at home. Most importantly, you’ll learn about any urgent repairs you need to make to keep your home and family healthy and safe.

Prioritize Post-Inspection Repairs

After your inspection, call on the experts at Handyman Connection of Boise and we can work together to prioritize and take care of your list of repairs. Unlike electricians, plumbers or HVAC technicians who specialize in a single line of work, Handyman Connection of Boise has a team of professionals familiar with all aspects of home services, remodeling, maintenance and repair. From gutter installations and bathroom remodeling to electrical rewiring, we’ve got you covered. It’s our business to keep your home safe, healthy and comfortable, so you can enjoy all the benefits of home ownership. Consider an annual home inspection and then call on Handyman Connection of Boise to correct and repair any issues. Request a free, no-obligation project estimate today!

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