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Home Maintenance  /  May 13, 2016

Easy Projects to Make Your Home Safer

When it comes to the safety of you and your family you spare no expense. You have invested in the best home alarm system, sturdy doors and the best deadbolts money can buy. But even with all of that in place, are you doing everything you can to ensure that your family is safe? There are some very quick projects you can be done to make your Boise home safer for everyone. At Handyman Connection of Boise, you will find craftsmen who can complete all of your home safety and maintenance projects. Invest in the services of a professional and you will be investing in peace of mind.

Check All of the Carpets in Your Home

When people talk about making their home safer, they mean doing the things to keep out intruders. But what about preventing accidents within the home? Loose carpets on your stairs or in the rooms of your home are accidents waiting to happen, but you can prevent those accidents with some quick repair work. Make sure the wall-to-wall carpeting in your home is secure, and anchor the throw rugs on your hardwood floors with velcro.

Put Everything In Its Place

Sometimes unsafe conditions are created because there is nothing in place to prevent them. For example, if you do not have a place to safely hang up your garden hose, then it will be left out and become a tripping hazard. It is important to have ways to organize things like garden tools, cleaning implements and household items to avoid accidents waiting to happen.

Have Rules

One of the simplest and least expensive home safety projects is to have rules that prevent people from getting hurt. A good list of household rules includes:

  • No running in hallways or up and down the stairs
  • No moving furniture without letting everyone know
  • Always use scissors and other sharp implements at a table
  • Never store items behind doors

You can create a comprehensive list of rules and post copies to remind everyone of how to stay safe. It is also important to refer to the household rules often to make sure that everyone remembers to use them.

Put Locks on Your Windows

Check all of your windows for locks, and install locks on the windows that do not have them. Make sure your windows are locked whenever they are not open. Sometimes the best defense against intruders are the simplest tool. A window lock is inexpensive, but it can keep unwanted people out of your home.

Check Your Outside Doors

Some people will go years without checking the hinges and frames of their outside doors, and that can be trouble for home safety. Over time, doors can become loose on their hinges or separate slightly from their frames. Sometimes those slight advantages are all criminals need to make an unwanted entry. By tightening your door hinges and checking on your locks every six months, you can make sure that your basic home security tools are working properly.

It does not cost a fortune to make your home safer. There are plenty of little projects that can be done that will prevent accidents and keep your home safe from intruders. Contact the experts today at Handyman Connection of Boise for a free, no-obligation project estimate!

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