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Home Improvement  /  November 24, 2015

5 Simple Home Organization Tips


Whether you own a grand estate, a suburban house or a small cottage, organization is the key to getting the most out of your life at home. An orderly abode lets you relax and enjoy your home instead of wasting time sorting clutter, searching for items or putting things away. These five organization tips and tricks from Handyman Connection of Boise can help you achieve the serene atmosphere you want for the place you call home.

  1. Begin at the Beginning

Because few people walk through their front door empty handed, it makes sense to begin your home organization efforts at the entryway. It’s critical to have designated places for all of the bags, coats, shoes and hats that accompany you when you enter your home. A series of hooks on the wall makes it easy to organize outwear while a small table or console provides a handy surface for small items like car keys. Stash the mail in a handled tray to keep it from being lost in the shuffle.

  1. A Place for Everything

It’s amazing how much time you can save when there’s an assigned spot for everything you own. It not only makes short work of cleaning tasks but ensures that you’ll never waste another moment hunting for a misplaced item. If a glance around your home reveals piles of items waiting for you to find them a permanent storage place, resolve to take control of the clutter. Invest in storage solutions that will help you reclaim your valuable free time and that will make your home a more beautiful place to inhabit.

  1. Maximize Closet Space

Getting the most out of every square inch of closet space makes it easier to streamline your living spaces. Unfortunately, most closets aren’t designed to optimize the space. It’s a relatively simple affair, however, to upgrade a closet so that it fits the way you actually live. For example, short rods installed one above the other can double hanging space in bedroom closets. Adding hooks and knobs provide easy access for items like belts and scarves. Installing a slanted, rigged shelf near the floor keeps shoes and boots neat and organized.

  1. Artful Organizers

With the right accessories, you can hide the items you use everyday in plain sight. From antique suitcases to tins, baskets and hat boxes, the broad selection of storage containers available ensures you’ll find accessories to suit every decorative style. Furnishings can do double duty as storage too. Stash extra bedding in a pretty antique trunk or window seat. Store office supplies in an armoire or console cabinet. Kick up your feet on an ottoman that has hidden storage for magazines or throw blankets. You don’t have to sacrifice style to keep everything easily accessible.

  1. Shelving Solutions

From custom bookcases built to house your personal library to affordable prefabricated shelving systems, shelves let you take full advantage of the wall space in your home for display and storage. Use them in every room to keep countertops, tables and other surfaces free of clutter. For installation of shelving designed to meet your specific needs, looks to the pros at Handyman Connection of Boise. Whether you have a single shelf or a floor-to-ceiling configuration, we can install any shelving solution for optimal home organization. To request a free, no-obligation estimate or to schedule service, contact us today!

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