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Home Improvement>Security  /  October 29, 2015

Types of Entry Door Locks


Do you find yourself looking at the old, doorknob and lock on your entry door? Maybe it’s time to bring your door hardware up-to-date with the rest of your house. Before replacing your entry door hardware, it’s always smart to consider functionality before style. Determine your functional needs before choosing a finish or style, as security and protection are the top priorities of any new entry door hardware. Remember, even the most expensive, most secure entry door lock is utterly useless if it’s not properly installed, so call on the experts at Handyman Connection of Boise to get the job done.

Cylindrical/Tubular Lockset

A cylindrical lockset fits into a large hole bored into the door’s face and is operated by a key inserted into the exterior knob. It works by using a latch bolt with a beveled end. This end is spring-loaded and retracts when the knob is turned. Anything less than an inch should not be considered secure. For this reason, try to find a cylindrical lockset that comes with a deadlocking latch bolt that engages when the door is closed and will not retract using a thin material such as credit cards into the jam. Even though this is the most popular, least expensive, and easiest to install, it is also the least secure.

Mortise Lockset

Mortise locksets fit into a rectangular pocket that is cut into the door’s edge. They normally come with a deadbolt, which is part of the locking mechanism. When you turn the key from the outside it releases both the knob and the deadbolt. This is the securest lockset available. It comes in three styles: knob, lever, and handleset. There are many different design and finish options in each of these styles, and all are easy to use.

Deadbolt Locks

Consider a deadbolt lock as a primary fundamental part of your entry door security. The blunt-ended bolt can’t be retracted by end pressure and will have at least one-inch of throw. A good deadbolt has a low locked-side profile that protects the lock subassembly or cylinder from forced entry. These can be purchased in single or double-cylinder configurations. These may be restricted by local building codes. Single-cylinder is most popular and uses a key on the outside and a knob or thumb turn on the inside.

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