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Home Improvement  /  August 28, 2015

How to Turn your Attic into a Cozy and Practical Living Area

Does your home have an attic? If so, this unique space has great potential. Transform it into a welcoming spare bedroom, a quiet office space or just a cozy spot where you can work out or relax. To help you obtain your dream attic, the skilled technicians from Handyman Connection of Boise would like to offer you a few suggestions.

Light it up
Make your attic come alive with skylights. As an attractive addition to your new room, skylights not only provide an even distribution of light throughout your living area, they give the illusion of height. Additionally, you can opt for extras like remote-control operated skylights for easy operation or solar shades to block the sun’s heat. Skylights are also beneficial in a finished attic because they save space, since they usually tuck nicely under the eaves. You can also put a couch, easy chair or bed under your skylight, and you have an instant, miniature astronomical observatory during the night!

Recessed LED fixtures are also great space-saving lighting options. Since they don’t generate unnecessary heat, they can be safely installed within insulated ceilings.

Dress it up
Finish your attic ceiling and walls with antique white or any light colored paint to give it an airy, larger feeling. You can also go with the timeless look of beadboard paneling for both ceilings and walls to match wood floors.

Place twin beds head-to-head to save space and create a fun arrangement for children. Use brightly colored bedspreads, pillows and pictures, which will tie together nicely with light colored walls and floors.

Extras include a correlating ceiling fan if you have the headroom. Ceiling fans help circulate the air all year round to keep you comfortable. Bright-colored throw rugs or carpeting look great and absorb sound. If that doesn’t work, replacing your floor joists or adding insulation between them is an option that will further cut back the sound.

Bathroom installation tips
Arrange your attic bathroom above your home’s kitchen or bathroom for easier installation and lower costs. If you like claw-foot tubs, you can have one in your attic! The fiberglass models are much lighter than cast iron, so it won’t be difficult to install. A small corner shower looks great and works well, too.

Ensuring your attic is up to code
Prior to beginning your attic remodel, check with your city or town’s building codes. One typical regulation regarding finished attics, or any room in your home for that matter, is the rule of sevens. This means that your attic’s living area must contain a minimum of 70 square feet and extend seven feet in any given direction. Moreover, half of the attic needs to be at least seven feet high. If your attic isn’t tall enough, certain modifications such as dormer installations can make up the difference. Then there are fire codes you must heed, as well as electrical, plumbing and window installation stipulations. Ignoring these rules can put you in jeopardy, especially when you sell your home.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the building regulations or if you just need some direction or assistance with your attic remodel, let our experienced craftsmen offer you some direction. They can inspect your attic, making sure your floor joists are strong enough to handle the extra weight of furniture and other belongings. They’ll also check to see if you need knee walls installed below your attic’s rafters.

Handyman Connection of Boise will help you take the guesswork out of your remodeling projects and leave you with a beautiful new room you’ll enjoy for years. If you have a home remodeling project in mind, call us today or contact us online to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.

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