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Home Improvement  /  January 21, 2021

Modern Style Options for Wooden Backyard Fencing

In the past, backyards were meant to be out of view of your guests. In other cases, they were primarily a place for the storage of items that could not fit your main property. Nowadays, backyards are the primary entertainment spot for residential properties. This has seen the installation of fire pits, hot tubs, and swimming pools among other entertainment elements in the backyard. You cannot afford to invest in these installations and mar the look of everything with a poorly done backyard fence.

Like aluminum fences, wooden fences remain one of the fastest moving products in the market.This is because they are cost-effective, private, eco-friendly, and easily customizable. Though wooden fences have been around for ages, there are now new designs that can match the modern backyard look you are trying to put together.

Here are some of thecontemporary style ideas for your backyard’s wooden fence.

Wood and Metal Fences

One way to make your wood fence stand out is by adding a metal frame on the top part of the posts and along its edges. The ideal posts, in this case, are those made of aluminum or steel since they are durable, strong, and add an interesting visual angle to the wooden fence. You can further enhance the look of your fence by opting for stained wood mixed with colored metal.

Horizontal Fences

In most cases, people will go for vertically installed wooden slats for their fence. You can, however, have a stylish modern fence by opting for horizontal slats instead. Go for composite pickets or tongue and groove wood if you are aiming for optimal privacy in your backyard. This is because their gaps are sealed. You can choose metal posts as the framing systems for your horizontal fence to boost its strength and appearance.

Bamboo Fences

Rather than the typical wooden fencing slats, why not go for a unique material. If you are aiming for a tropical or Asian look in your backyard or want to transform it into an oasis-like atmosphere, choose bamboo posts. Though unfortunately not very private, bamboo posts are durable and will add an interesting twist to your backyard’s look.

Stained Wood Fences

Painting sounds like your only option when looking tochange the color of your wooden slats.This will, however, make them look like all others in your neighborhood. To showcase the natural beauty of the wood in your fencing and boost its resilience to various adverse elements, staining is an ideal choice. There are numerous staining alternatives you have for your wooden fence. You are however sure to get a stain that highlights different elements in your backyard and even boosts the protection of the wood from termite infestation.

Do not forget to finish the look of the above modern fence styles with the right design for your gate. Some decoration on the wooden fence also goes some way to boost its look. You can opt for potted plants on the rails or posts, lattice on the fence’s top and landscape lighting to highlight its design. You can also use small fences in the backyard to separate different sections.

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