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Home Improvement  /  March 19, 2021

Plumbers in the Time of a Pandemic or JIL.

2020 was a very difficult year for everyone around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges in people’s health safety, livelihood, and even mental health. But, after hitting too many rough patches last year, 2021 didn’t start off that great either. Many people are struggling to make their appointments for the COVID-19 vaccination. But many people, especially down in Texas, are facing even bigger problems. And these problems are caused by

the worst snowstorm

 that the usually-hot state has seen in decades.

The power grids around the state failed. It’s because they weren’t equipped to withstand freezing weather conditions. Then, water systems that serve Texas’ 254 counties were continuously disrupted. And, to top it all off, many families are not at all prepared for such a snowstorm. Thus, their homes weren’t properly equipped to withstand this weather.

Burst pipes and flooding are among the most common problems in people’s homes right now. And this is why plumbers are constantly in high demand right now. Many companies are now running ragged, trying their best to help as many families as they could. Here’s how the plumbers are faring during this trying time in the Lone Star State.

Meeting the High Demand

Because of the freezing weather conditions, many people are in desperate need of heat. They have perfectly operational hot water heaters. Unfortunately, they can’t even use them yet if they don’t have electricity. Thus, many Texans are found to be melting snow in pots over their stovetops.

Now that the snow that had fallen over the state begins to thaw, some problems are getting resolved. Electricity came back in many households. Access to water also started coming back. But just because these problems are getting put behind them now, plumbing problems caused by the snowstorm called the attention of more plumbers. These freezing temperatures also led to burst pipes. Most, if not all, houses in the state are now suffering from this very serious household problem. Plumbing companies receive one call after another from customers who are in urgent need of their services.

Working Longer Hours with Limited Supplies

Knowing very well the gravity of the situation, many plumbers are trying their best to help as many families as possible. But this means that they’re working longer hours.

One of such plumbers in the state is a man named Tyler Murray, who works mainly in Wylie, Texas. In an interview with ABC News, he talked about the plight of the plumbers right now. He said, “I haven’t got much sleep. My phone won’t stop ringing. And there are not enough of us to get it all fixed.”

Randy Calazans, another Texan plumber, also shared his story in an interview. This time, with the New York Times. Apart from the limited manpower, he shared that plumbers are also facing the huge problem of limited supplies and equipment. He often found himself waiting in line for hours at supply houses. When we visited mainstream hardware stores such as Home Depot, he was greeted by empty shelves. He said, “I’m literally just burning through supplies.”

Many plumbers right now are preparing for a rough couple of weeks ahead. They would be pulling one long shift after another to repair as many pipes as they can. But, with limited supplies, this would be an even bigger problem for them.

All Hands on Deck

The good thing about the community of plumbers is that it’s never rooted in the belief that it’s every plumber for himself. Reports have shown that plumbers from different states made a trip to Texas once the snow cleared up a bit to lend a helping hand.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, announced that the state government is giving out provisional permits to plumbers who herald from different states. These permits would allow them to work within the state. The state government also became more lenient in its policies when it comes to plumbers who have expired licenses. Requirements for examinations and fees are currently being waived right now.

These state provisions right now make it much easier for plumbers to help each other out. So when they were implemented, many plumbers around the country got into their cars and started driving down to Texas to get to work.

The snowstorm in Texas put people in very difficult times at the start of the year. And, with the snow clearing up a bit, many of them are facing more problems, still. But these trying times also helped us realize how much people relied on the services of plumbers. So, if there’s one good thing that would come out from all of these, it’s the renewed appreciation for plumbers’ hard work.

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