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Uncategorized  /  August 12, 2022

The Topmost Common Air Filters

An air filter is essential to maintain clean air in your house. In actuality, it’s the most crucial air-related investment you can make for your house. In addition, breathing pollutants is unpleasant since indoor air pollution can be up to five times worse than outside air pollution. Therefore, you require a top-notch air filter.

You may choose from a wide variety of air filter types. It’s not surprising that many people don’t know what makes a great air filter “quality,” given that the typical person places air filters right around various types of cement and cardboards on the list of topics they find interesting. So, what are the topmost types of air filters, and how can you choose the best fit?

The Various Types of Air Filters

When you hit the market, you might hear various phrases, such as a 20x25x1 air filter or a 16x25x1 air filter. These might confuse you in the beginning. However, once you know the various air filters, you can quickly purchase the right fit for your home. So, here are the topmost types of air filters.

Pleated Air Filters

The great filtering effectiveness of pleated air filters is one of their benefits. Filters with a high MERV rating are virtually typically pleated. Compared to other filter types, pleated filters catch a substantially greater proportion of microscopic particles and a very high percentage of big particles. Pleated filters are very functional and require little effort. All you ever need to do is remember to replace them, and they’ll keep removing debris from your air.

Fiberglass Air Filters

Fiberglass air filters are the least expensive on the market and may occasionally be available for less than a dollar. They are junk, which is the reason they are so inexpensive.

Fiberglass filters are indeed useless. Simply put, they do a poor job at filtration. The National Air Filtration Association only advises using fiberglass filters as “pre-filtering” equipment since they are the least effective alternative.

There is a misconception that fiberglass filters are superior for HVAC systems because they permit greater airflow. They permit a greater airflow, but HVAC and filter technology developments have rendered the distinction irrelevant. They may be more harmful to your system than the pleated variety due to the many contaminants they let through the unit.

Washable Electrostatic Air Filters

Metal-frame filters called washable electrostatic filters are made to be washed and reused as opposed to being replaced. These have a broad price range, with the costliest costing around $90.

Their benefit is their extended lifespan. These air filters can be used repeatedly for years until they wear out. The drawback is that you must regularly wash them and allow them to dry fully before reinstalling them. They don’t dry right away, which might interfere with your already hectic schedule. Moreover, mold development might be serious if your washable filter doesn’t completely dry.

‍Choosing the Right Air Filter

Choosing the right fit should be easy now that you understand the various popular air filters. You need to get the dimensions right and choose the type that best fits your criteria. Experts recommend going for a pleated air filter, and you can find it in various dimensions, such as 20x25x1, etc. So, get the right dimensions, and you can quickly cleanse the internal atmosphere for a better quality of life.

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