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Uncategorized  /  April 27, 2023

Single Vs. Multi-Level Decks: Which Should You Build?

When building a deck for your home, you’ll come across limitless options for customization. With so many options, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to help you build the perfect deck.

One dilemma you may face is choosing between building a single-level deck or a multi-level deck. Both options provide benefits and will be a lovely addition to your backyard.

But how do you know which one is best for you? This article will review the pros and cons of a single and multi-level deck. This will help you decide which type of deck is best for you to build.

Single Level Deck

Single-level decks are the most common type of decks built. Many deck builders find these are the most requested out of the different outdoor structures.

But why is that? Let’s review the pros so you’ll know why many people choose single-level decks.

Pros of Building a Single-Level Deck

One of the pros of building a single-level deck is that they are inexpensive. According to HomeAdvisor says, you can expect to spend $7,907 when assembling a single-level deck. 

You should pay more regarding the type of materials and labor involved. However, it’ll still be much cheaper than building a multi-level deck. 

Another benefit to building a single-level deck is the simple design. This allows you to have more space and creative control over your deck. It’s ideal when you have get-togethers with your family and friends. 

This way, you know that you’ll have a place to sit, and you can add decorations for the party. The blank canvas of a single-level deck allows you to make quick changes depending on the event you’re hosting.

The last pro of this type of deck is that it takes up less space in your backyard. This will allow you more space in your yard for other activities or structures. The extra space gives you flexibility on what you want to add to your outside area.

Cons of Building a Single-Level Deck

One downside to having a single-level deck is the open space concept. You may wonder how this is a downside, but if you’re picky, you can see how. 

Creating a designated area can be tricky with a single-level deck. For example, you may want one section of your deck for the eating area and another for where you cook. This can be hard to organize when the space is open as people will feel anywhere is ok to eat at.

Another downside to a single-level deck is that, depending on the size of your back yard the deck can take up space. If it’s small, you won’t have enough space for your animals to run around or build a garden. So depending on the size of your deck, you may have to change plans for other uses for your backyard.

Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level deck is a deck with two or more levels. In the early 2000s, this style of deck was very popular. It’s still pretty popular even though many homeowners choose single-level decks more. 

Pros of Building a Multi-Level Deck

recent survey shows that the amount of space it provides matters the most to homeowners when it comes to building a deck. This means many people feel the bigger the deck is, the better it will serve its purpose.

Of course, it’s not always easy for you to build outwards if your backyard doesn’t allow this. However, a multi-level deck enables you to create the space you need without it taking over your backyard.

Also, with a multi-level deck, you can have designated areas for the specific activity. For example, one area can be for everyone to eat and conversate, while another section is for the cooking area. This will save the yard for entertainment purposes and keep everyone from being bunched up together.

Another pro is that if you have an uneven landscape, you can build the deck over it without leveling the ground. This saves you money and time, as you don’t have to do extra steps when building a deck.

Cons of Building a Multi-Level Deck

The biggest downside of building a multi-level deck is the overall cost. Due to the materials and labor involved with the project, you can expect to spend more when making this style of deck. 

Another drawback is the risk of someone hurting themselves while on the deck. Depending on the design layout, someone can easily fall down the steps. 

Also, it may be hard to add particular furniture onto the deck due to the design. So, if you build a multi-level deck, consider safety measures for your family and guests.

Single vs. Multi-Level Deck: Which Should You Choose?

Before you decide on which style of deck you should build, take the time to review the pros and cons. Most people prefer a single-level deck due to the overall cost and space that it can provide.

Others enjoy the functionality that a multi-level deck provides the homeowner as they can pick and choose which area is for what. If you’re still confused about which design you should go with, discuss which option is best for you with your builder.

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