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We are excited to announce that a long time Master Craftsman of our business is now the proud new owner; please join us in congratulating Earl Swader as the new owner of Handyman Connection of Blue Ash.  Earl has previous business ownership already under his belt and is looking forward to continuing to serve the Blue Ash community as the proud owner.

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Home Improvement  /  April 7, 2016

Pet-Friendly Home Remodeling Ideas

It’s always nice to remodel your home to suit your personal needs, but if you are a dog or cat owner, have you thought about their needs? Wait! Before you close the browser window…understand that we aren’t suggesting this, but your friends at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash have compiled a few home remodeling projects that could help make the canine and feline members of your family feel safe and even more at home and won’t disrupt the integrity of your home’s decor!

Dog Gate

Say goodbye to the old chewed-up, plastic baby gate and create a beautiful dog gate that you’ll be proud to feature inside or outside of your home.

Cat Doorway/Entryway

We’re not talking about the run-of-the-mill interior/exterior pet door! Create a cute and whimsical way for your cat to get in and out of the room, or to their litter box, by using one of these creative ideas.

Cat/Coffee Table

Can humans and cats peacefully share furniture? They can with this great idea!

Pet Washing Stations

This idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds…and it’s popularity is growing! When your dog decides to take a roll in the mud and or even rolls in something stinky (it happens!), stop the dirt and the stink from getting all over the house by adding a pet washing station in your mudroom or laundry room. This can be as simple as adding a deep utility sink or a custom-designed washing station. So many ideas can be found here!

Create a Great Crate

With a little creativity, you can incorporate your dog’s crate area into your home design. From crates designed to look like furniture or remodeling an under-stair area to become their “safe place”, you’re letting your furry pal know that they are an important member of the household.

The carpentry experts at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash have experience in a broad range of remodeling options and can customize your project to fit your (and your pet’s) individual needs. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation project estimate!

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