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Uncategorized  /  July 22, 2021

Home Improvement Ideas for the Lockdowns

During the pandemic, many of us found that we were locked down inside of our homes. There were many things that we noticed as well. Among those are the myriad improvements that we could do in our homes, which you may or may not have noticed, considering how you’re busy with work.

Staying indoors and relaxing at home is something that not everyone has the luxury of doing, so the pandemic became a sort of ‘great equalizer’. However, it can grow repetitive, and people have also reported growing weary of staying indoors all the time. While it’s not the outdoors, your home’s immediate surroundings could serve as an escape while staying at home. That’s why a lot of people have been focusing on home improvements like a new pool fence or a renovated deck.

Here are some improvements that your home could have, or you could add to your home:

Creating your own campsite

There’s always space for an outdoor fire pit in your home. The beauty of this feature is that it makes your backyard tolerable during the colder seasons. You might not even have to wait for the colder seasons-it’s a functional addition that makes colder nights tolerable.

You can decide in which fashion this addition will exist. It may be gas-powered, or it can also be completely fueled by wood or other materials. It has to be made with stone or tiles. Creating it out of wood or using those materials aren’t recommended.

If you’re a seller and are also looking to add value to your home, you can add this to your backyard. You might spend a lot on it, at first, but the return-on-investment is about 60-70%, making it a completely worthwhile addition.

Covering your perimeter with fences

These days, it pays to be as safe as you possibly can. It’s also a luxury to have all the privacy you can have in the world. A privacy fence can give you that safety and solitude both at the same time.

This is a nice feature to have during the pandemic, but if you still don’t have such protection at the time, you can continue to wander your immediate property-just not too far. You can choose different materials for the fence. You can decide whether you want to put up a half-length or full-length fence.

If you want a little something different, you can select decorative fencing. Privacy and design can go hand in hand, depending on what kind of function you want to achieve.

Going alfresco with the cooking

For those who are completely focused on making their home as attractive as can be, an outdoor kitchen is the best addition. It can add value and it’s also functional at the same time. It also makes homes stand out from the others.

If you want a truly useful outdoor kitchen, you can use it first. A highly functional outdoor kitchen is a great addition. Aside from adding value to your home, you can also create all sorts of food and culinary creations.

Remember to add something so you can remain cool during summer. A ceiling fan or a truly open-air area would be nice to put your outdoor kitchen in.

Focusing on the comfort

Here’s a thought: why not focus on the area that gives you the most comfort? There’s a study that revealed 65% of homeowners remodeled their bathrooms during the pandemic. A remodel costs roughly around $10,778. It’s a popular project because of the benefits and because, let’s face it, you’re likely to notice which improvements you need to work on in your bathroom if you spend a lot of time at home.

There were bathrooms that were made into small, personal spas. In a time like the pandemic, it’s a much-needed home improvement that almost everyone needs.

Upgrading your living room

Another area of the home that received a much-needed overhaul during the pandemic is the living room. There are a lot of uses for this area of the house. Before the pandemic, it may have been where your family hung out or where you received rooms; during the pandemic, it may be where your children and you prefer to work.

Upgrades can be costly but there are ways to keep it at a minimum. Some figures put the cost of renovating your living room at around $2,050 to $3,150 per project.

If you must have these projects done during the pandemic, do remember to keep your safety in mind. The appearance of your home may be a top priority but your safety from the virus still remains.

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