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Home Maintenance>Gutters  /  November 18, 2015

How to Gauge Gutters Before You Buy


Most people take their gutters for granted because they do not understand how important gutters are to the overall stability of a home. Gutters help to prevent rainwater from falling directly over the roof and eating away at your home’s foundation. Without good gutters, the area around your foundation will become destabilized and you could be looking at thousands of dollars in home repairs that may not be covered by your insurance. Gutters also prevent the edges of your roof from rotting and causing leaks.

When you decide it is time to replace your gutters, it helps to consult with a professional. There are many gutter types to choose from. When the contractor arrives at your home, you will be given plenty of decisions to make. It is best to be prepared to gauge your gutter choices, and know what you want before the contractor arrives.

Gutter Size

The most common gutters come in a U-shape or a K-shape, and are offered in sizes ranging from four to six inches in width. You could try to match up the size of your gutters to the amount of rainfall you get each year, but the easier solution is to just use the widest gutter available in the style that you choose. A wide gutter is less likely to clog, and it can move water more efficiently.


For many years, aluminum has been the default material used for gutters around the Blue Ash area. Many people like aluminum gutters because they come in a variety of colors, are relatively inexpensive and can last for many years. As popular as aluminum is, it does not represent your only choice in materials for your home’s gutters.

Vinyl is becoming increasingly popular as a gutter material for a couple of reasons. The cost of having vinyl installed has dropped, and vinyl requires little to no maintenance at all. Where aluminum gutters can develop holes over time, vinyl gutters avoid those problems and last for many years.

Galvanized steel gutters are also becoming popular because they can be painted a variety of colors and last a long time. One of the drawbacks with galvanized steel gutters is that the sitting water in these gutters can rust them right through, despite the steel’s treatment against rusting. But the durability and look of galvanized steel gutters have made them popular around the country.

Other Types Of Gutters To Choose From

Vinyl, aluminum and galvanized steel represent the vast majority of the gutter choices made by people around the country on a regular basis. But homeowners do have other options that can get them great results, and look impressive at the same time.

Wood Gutters

Wood gutters give any home a colonial look and feel to it, but wood gutters also require a tremendous amount of maintenance. You must sand and paint your wood gutters every few years to keep them from rotting, and most wood gutters come in sizes that are smaller than the vinyl or aluminum choices.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are durable and make an immediate impression after they are installed. However, they are extremely expensive and they will turn green over the years. Copper also tends to corrode over time, which can mean expensive repair bills down the road.

Stainless Steel

If you have the funds, then stainless steel gutters may be your best choice. While these are extremely expensive, they also require very little maintenance and can last longer than any other metal gutter type.

When it comes to the gutters on your home, you want to have the very best solution that will protect your foundation and your roof. After talking with a professional installer and doing some research on your options, you will be ready to make a choice that will keep the rainwater safely away from your home. When it’s time to clean those gutters, call on the experts at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash for a free, no-obligation project estimate!

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