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Uncategorized  /  February 17, 2022

5 Easy Tips to Create a Harmonious Wildflower Garden

The perfectly polished home garden is out. Nowadays, it’s all about the garden that’s bursting with wildflowers. The “wild” in these unexpected plantings is precisely what draws so many gardeners to them: they’re carefree and messy but somehow always charming.

Wildflowers are so much better than store-bought flowers for several reasons. They are more resilient to pests, they don’t need to be watered quite as often, and of course, it’s great knowing that you’re helping the environment by using wildflowers. Instead of flowers that are shipped in from across the country or around the world, you’re growing and preserving local species.

That said, if you’re going to go wild with your flower planting, it’s best to make sure that the arrangement is cohesive and beautiful. These 5 tips will help you create a harmonious wildflower garden:

Make Your Garden Accessible

People love wildflowers because they’re offbeat, but this doesn’t mean your garden should have an obstacle course or require a guide! This is not only annoying for you, but also for guests who might want to see your blooms up close. Moreover, it should be open to helpful insects such as butterflies and bees.

A simple border along a sidewalk will keep wayward visitors out while still bees and butterflies – which are great pollinators – in. You can also install decorative metal fence panels; they don’t take up much space, yet they’ll make your garden more private, and they add a nice look to your garden.

Go for a Mixed Bouquet

You might gravitate towards one type of flower, but it’s important to give your wildflower garden an eclectic feel. You will need reds and yellows, purples and whites – all flowers are colorful. Mixing the colors together will make the garden more interesting for you, your guest, and any hungry birds or insects passing through.

A big mistake anyone can make when planting a wildflower garden is to choose species that are too similar. Not only will the arrangement look boring, but it could be hard to differentiate between flower types if they all have the same color palette. Instead, go with at least 2-3 colors of blooms and keep them as different as you can. It’s best to plan ahead by purchasing seeds or bulbs before starting your garden, otherwise, you may end up with blossoms that are hard to tell apart!

The great thing about growing wildflowers is that there are so many to choose from! Instead of trying to decide which ones you want in your garden, try a mix of as many as possible! This way you’ll end up with a beautiful arrangement no matter what.

Coordinating Bloom Times are Important

Another huge factor in making sure your wildflower garden has harmony is timing. Two flowers blooming at the same time will always clash no matter what. Instead, make sure there is some variety in each of the blooming periods.

Sow flower seeds on different days so that some will bloom while others are just starting to sprout. This way you’ll get a nice spread of colors and won’t have any two flowers blooming at once! Make sure to keep track of which seedlings are coming up when by marking them with bits of plastic. You can also buy special markers for this purpose if it’s something you do often.

Don’t Forget about Foliage!

Wildflowers aren’t the only things growing in your garden. Grasses and perennials will pop up here and there too, but they don’t necessarily need to be planted alongside wildflowers. This is because they have different water and soil needs, not to mention maintenance.

Grass can take a lot of the work out of your garden, but it can also overshadow wildflowers. You can leave it out if you want or you can choose to have low-maintenance alternatives such as clovers. It’s best to let each plant have its own space and flourish on its own.

Create a Walkway

Having a beautiful wildflower garden is a great feeling, but the true brilliance will be revealed when you can enjoy it from all angles. To do this, make sure your plants are lined up properly and there’s room to walk around them. You can use stepping stones to define an area that people can stroll through without crushing any blooms.

You’re free to plant wherever you want in your yard! Whether it’s near a window or along a sidewalk path, just remember that people will be walking by so keeping some pathways for guests is super important, so they don’t trample everything. It would also look nice if you install a bench to sit on while admiring your flowers.

Wildflowers are some of the easiest plants to grow and can thrive in just about any type of soil. They’re also very beautiful if planted and cared for correctly.

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