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We are excited to announce that a long time Master Craftsman of our business is now the proud new owner; please join us in congratulating Earl Swader as the new owner of Handyman Connection of Blue Ash.  Earl has previous business ownership already under his belt and is looking forward to continuing to serve the Blue Ash community as the proud owner.

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Uncategorized  /  July 28, 2021

How to Successfully Start Your Construction Business

If you have decided to pursue your career in the construction industry, you need to plan and work accordingly. Planning is for sure the most crucial step when entering the contract business. The construction industry is a unique business to dig in, but your work can easily go down in the dumps if you do not operate by the right means. In order to get any business off the ground, you need a full-proof plan on starting, proceeding with the purchasing, hiring the right team for every particular job, and hiring a financial team.

This guide will help you determine if your construction business idea is feasible, guide you through all the questions and problems you might face in turning your business plan into reality.

You need to write down all the services you are going to offer and what services are not included in your final draft. Evaluate what you are good at, and what your sweet spot is in the construction market. Calculate which service will be the most profitable. It is deciding your plan based on 3 things;

The intersection of the above three is basically where your sweet spot is. That is the target you want to hit and you will achieve success in the construction field. Calculate and decide how much charge should be implied for your services. Make a plan on how to keep track and keep your leads. You will run low on money if you don’t keep track as it will result in loss of customer information and you won’t be able to market with your past customers.

You will buckle down to drive money into the business, build up a bank account, build goodwill into the community, and build relationships. What a lot of people do not understand is that it could be torpedoed in a heartbeat, because you do not have the proper protection in place for your business. What that means is that you are operating without insurance, you are operating without the proper permits, or if you are in a state that requires licensing, you are not a legitimate state-licensed contractor. If you are not protecting yourself, it is only a matter of time before you lose it all.

You will be in dire need of a bank account to get your payments transacted. Without that no customer can pay you. Figure out if you are going to deal with credit cards or check. A lot of times, contractors do not have a way to collect money. It is important to decide if the customer will write you a check or in the name of the business. As, if you go by your name and try not to incorporate the business name when addressing these matters, you will get sued directly in any case of damage.

Your number one job when you plan a business and want to set it in motion is to start its marketing. To get work, sell jobs, and get your phone to ring by customers, you need to advertise your company. No matter what service you offer, in the event if you don’t have a lead coming in or have an influx of dollars, your company will be gone in a matter of seconds.

Do not repeat the mistake that many contractors do by relying on word of mouth only. In order to make your business sustainable, build a brand that people know, like, and trust. Be the boss and command your prices. If you want your competition to be irrelevant then you must be in the propensity for promoting your business consistently over the year and for that social media has eased up the task.

If you want your construction business to thrive in the market, you need to self-evaluate and know what makes you unique out of all the people that offer the same service as you have enlisted in your final draft. Realize what will be your differentiator from them. Make a concrete plan about how will your daily routine proceeds, how will you calculate and store your assets, and how will you come up with new ideas.

Look into what you will do in your free time when you are not working on any project, how will you come up with ideas at that moment to attract further customers.

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