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Decks  /  September 29, 2015

Gorgeous Deck Designs for Your Home

Do you want to spend more time outside without leaving your home? An inviting deck may be just what you need. From convenient single-level decks that spill into your backyard to multi-level decks with lots of potential, Handyman Connection of Blue Ash can help you plan and design a deck that fits your budget and compliments your home’s style.

Contemporary style decks

If you have a contemporary-style home, your deck should capture the look with clean lines and defining angles. It should reflect elegance and simplicity, which can be accomplished through the natural beauty of the materials you’ll use.

Stone materials can be incorporated into the modern deck. Stone can take the place of wood to create elegant floors, stairs and seating. A fireplace made of stone or tile adds a posh, modern look. Moreover, sleek and dramatic nighttime lighting, upbeat furnishings and brushed or polished stainless steel rails with stainless steel cables will markedly define your deck’s style. Asian-inspired accents also enhance the contemporary deck.

The colonial look

A deck that blends in with the classic colonial-style home should look as though the two structures are one. We suggest designing this deck in a symmetrical design. Additionally, if your home is white, we recommend a dark-colored composite floor with white railings and colonial-style spindles. To further enhance the look, include built-in benches and planter boxes trimmed in white. Early American inspired lighting such as hanging electric lanterns, as well as era-related furniture will also complete the look.

Decks with a traditional flair

The traditional-style home reflects a relaxed atmosphere with a cottage charm; therefore, it demands a deck with warm and inviting tones found in woods such as Cedar and Redwood. Since many historical homes are traditional in style, a simple, low deck blends in nicely to the home’s character, while octagon-shaped decks with beveled edges compliment modern traditional-style homes.

The double-decker deck

There are many wonderful benefits to a multi-level deck. If your home overlooks a scenic lake, a pristine wooded area or a busy backyard that’s full of activity, a deck off your second floor will give you a first-class view. Similarly, a deck allows you to connect with the great outdoors while you’re dining with family and friends or relaxing in your favorite chair.

On the first floor, you can enjoy a cool spot during those hot and humid days, since the upper deck will give you plenty of shade. A lower level deck can be designed to catch refreshing breezes by the poolside. Do you want a quaint dining area, too? Our craftsmen can easily create an intimate screened-in porch in a corner of your deck.

Multi-level decks, like any deck, can be designed in any style you wish to reflect your home and your surroundings. For example, if you have a log cabin in the woods, use similar wood to frame your deck and rustic log-style railings. Likewise, if you live near a lake or coast, use glass rails for unobstructed views of your world. Second-story decks may get a bit more wear and tear from winds and rain, so we advise that you choose hardy materials made to withstand inclement weather, such as composite.

Make it happen

Take advantage of all the comforts your home has to offer and let us help you design and build your deck! Contact Handyman Connection of Blue Ash today and let us show you how you can turn your dreams into a reality with a custom-built deck. We have the knowledge and experience you can rely on coupled with exceptional customer service. Why settle for anything less than the best?

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