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Home Improvement  /  March 23, 2021

No Cesspools in the Pandemic: Tips for Proper Home Cleaning

No one likes to be stuck cleaning their home. It’s one of the chores that people usually delegate to others because there is a lot of cleaning that’s usually done in the home. During the pandemic, however, it’s something that people shouldn’t skimp away from doing.

There are a lot of processes that home cleaners usually do when they service a client. They may include the scrubbing of screens or the removal of other items in the home. Some companies may also offer pest and mosquito control services to their clients, while others simply clean the home. These days, there are companies offering extra services to disinfect homes. This has been a popular service for those who want to protect their loved ones.

Take a look at these services that home cleaners may offer to help in deciding whether you should avail of their services. Either that or you’re going to have to clean your home by yourself.

Keep Cleaning Your Home

When you’re at home, you should keep doing best practices in disinfection and cleaning, as advised by the authorities. It’ll go a long way in helping keep you protected against the COVID-19 virus. It will also help your mental health by knowing you aredoing all you can to keep the virus out of your home.

Wear disposable gloves when you’re cleaning and disinfecting and remember to throw them away when you’re done. If you have them, you can also use reusable gloves, but remember to designate these only for disinfecting or cleaning surfaces where virus droplets may have landed.

Remember to also keep soap and water nearby to clean your hands after cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you’re cleaning items or surfaces as well.

Keep Away from Those Who Feel Sick

When you or someone in your household feels sick, you should keep away from them or isolate yourself. This is to protect other people in the case that you’re feeling symptoms of the coronavirus.

Once you’ve isolated the person who might be infected, disinfect the household with a disinfectant included in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) List of Disinfectants for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This helps as most of them have been approved by the agency as a solution against the virus.

Keep surfaces wet with a disinfectant solution for a period to maximize the solution’s effect. Again, you should wear gloves when cleaning surfaces and make sure your ventilation is okay as well.

Begin with the Bedroom

Cleaning should begin somewhere, and, in this case, you should start with the bedroom. It’s relatively easy to clean and make your bed once you get up first thing in the morning. It also helps your mental health in that you already feel like you’ve accomplished something for the day ahead.

At the same time, you should keep bedroom things in the bedroom. Don’t let your stuff accumulate on the bed, and do not allow anyone to eat in the bedroom as well. If you can do it, wash your bedding at least once every week. Change your pillows if you can afford it, too, especially if you’ve got allergies.

Do a Clean Sweep Right Before Bedtime

If you think you’ve still got a bit of energy before bedtime, you can do a quick cleanup of your room right before bedtime. It helps you spend that energy wisely, leading to a good night’s sleep. Aside from this, you can also wake up to less clutter and, as a result, clean very little the next day.

The bedroom is not the only area you can clean before bedtime, but it’s understandable. You can also make a clean sweep of the kitchen and leave it spotless – without grease and dirt. You can also keep your basic cleaning supplies in an easily accessible area for cleaning early in the morning and just before you sleep.

Cleaning Areas with High Traffic

Keeping your home clean includes areas with high traffic, but this is especially important during the pandemic. As you don’t know where each household member went when they come home, you should periodically sweep these places when you can. If there’s no pandemic, you should do this to keep dust and dirt out of your home. These are allergens that could irritate a person who gets allergic easily.

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