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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Aging-in-Place Renovations in Duluth, GA

Aging-in-place renovations are a good option for those nearing the end of their career who want a comfortable, safe home in which to live. Handyman Connection of Alpharetta is here to handle any upgrades you want to install to help you or your family get around easier. Homeowners in the Duluth, GA, area can get the aging-in-place services they wish to stay in the comfort of their home for many years to come. This will allow you to have family and friends stay for visits and celebrations and retain the furniture, possessions, and decorations you have grown to love. While you and your husband or wife may be healthy well into the future, aging-in-place is an easier transition when it’s done in a familiar environment. Life changes occur in your golden years, and preparing ahead of time can be a great help.

The contractors at Handyman Connection can take care of remodeling for seniors who want to complete home improvement projects. If carried out correctly, these installations make caring for your property simpler. They can make your house better to navigate while using wheelchairs and other mobility aids such as scooters and walkers. This remodeling can also make supporting aging relatives easier to better care for your family member or spouse and keep them with you longer.

Whether you need minor upgrades to stay in your residence or a complete remodeling job, call the technicians in Duluth, GA, for assistance. We are happy to answer all your questions or plan for a no-cost consultation.

Structural Remodeling for Senior Care

  • Building wider halls and doorways to make them wheelchair accessible for seniors can be necessary for aging-in-place services
  • Installation of chair lifts or elevators can make living at home a real possibility
  • One-floor homes are a requirement for today’s senior citizens. We can help you fix up your house to age in place comfortably without having to use the stairways

Exterior Upgrades for Aging-in-Place Retirement

  • Brick or siding repairs can save you the trouble of painting, climbing ladders, and more
  • Deck repairs can keep you and your visitors safe, and deck remodeling such as adding ramps and widening access can make your outdoor space easier to navigate
  • Landscaping upgrades such as plants that are easy to preserve can reduce the need for gardening, weeding, and watering

Bathroom Remodeling for Retired Life

Aging-in-place services like repairing and renovating tiny bathrooms can help you live at home during retirement by:

  • Installing grab bars
  • Replacing faucet handles so you don’t have to twist your wrists
  • Increasing space to turn around in
  • Adding a fold-down seat in the shower
  • Adding lights in the shower for better visibility
  • Installing grab bars around the tub and toilet to prevent slips and falls
  • Raising toilets
  • Separate spaces for caregivers

Accessory Details to Make Life at Home Easier

  • Installation of non-slip tiles and replacing worn rugs with new carpet of 1.5-inch pile can make wheelchair accessibility simple
  • Simple changes such as new levers instead of knobs and easier-to-operate windows, thermostats moved lower on the wall, switches, and outlets near entryways, and installation of security systems can make retiring at home independently more convenient

Entryway Remodeling for Seniors

  • Tile and concrete that isn’t slippery can keep you safe
  • Motion lighting, flat doorways, and additional garage space make senior life easier
  • Wheelchair accessibility ramps to front doors, back doors and in garages can make coming and going less stressful for retirees

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Aging-in-place can include adapting just one bedroom for you to stay in so caregivers can be with you while you live in retirement, which can be an ideal arrangement for many. Ask our contractors about remodeling a single bathroom or adding a chair lift to make it possible to access different areas of the home. Contact the Handyman Connection of Alpharetta team to learn more about our remodeling services for seniors. Call us at (770) 870-5201 to request an estimate when you’re planning a safe, rewarding retirement in your own home.

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