Commercial shelving and storage from Handyman Connection

Storage is a big problem for factories, warehouses and other industrial organizations. If your company manufactures thousands of products a week, proper storage can be a challenge. Handyman Connection of Winnipeg offers storage and shelving answers for businesses like yours. From high density storage to cantilever racks, Handyman Connection can design, install and finish storage of any kind for commercial business in Winnipeg. We act quickly and efficiently to deliver the best products possible. Get in touch with Handyman Connection soon for assistance with storage and shelving on your commercial property in Winnipeg.

Shipping & Factory Shelving

Our company uses a proven effective process to help our commercial clients. You will speak with our contractors who provide you with a free estimate and timeline for your project. Each project starts with a clear set of about needs, scheduling and price quote. Whether your business needs floor to ceiling racks or a few additional holding areas, we can help. As soon as the fixture has been completed, we inspect every fixture to ensure it is stable enough for use. If you aren’t satisfied with your new storage at any time, call us back and we can return for maintenance or adjustments if necessary.

Clerical, Vendor & Clinic Storage

Storage is different for other professionals because they need more stylish storage around customer-facing areas. The Handyman Connection team is made of designers and a variety of contractors can restore and install wall and other shelving for any commercial business. Additionally, we can add storage areas and new closets to your work space.

Serving Winnipeg Businesses

Handyman Connection answers calls for Winnipeg now. We provide the businesses in the area with shelving and storage assistance. Our contractors also provide general maintenance for commercial clients. Want more information? Talk to our available representatives about shelving, storage or any of our other services and receive a free estimate on your next project.