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Plumbing  /  October 12, 2022

Winnipeg Plumber: Top 4 Reasons Your Drain Stinks

Reasons your drain stinks

Many homeowners can go their entire lives experiencing no significant problems with their plumbing systems — oh, to be one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, most owners will experience some issues in their 30+ years living in a house, according to plumbing services in Winnipeg.

One common and unwelcome problem is drain stink. It seems to appear out of nowhere; just one day, you wake up, go to brush your teeth, and gag. Learning the common causes of the issue can help you prevent it.

4 Reasons Your Drains Smell

Drain odours occur for various reasons, from clogs to bacteria. Figuring out the underlying reason is crucial to resolving the problem. Unfortunately, DIY sleuthing is not always enough to uncover the cause. Plumbers explain four culprits are usually to blame for odours but to determine which may require a thorough inspection.

1. Bacteria Buildup

People use drains to wash away all sorts of gunk, from dirt to food to hair. If any particles or items get stuck in the drain, they begin to collect bacteria. Over time, bacteria, decay, mould, etc., start to smell. The odour rises out of the nearest opening, which so happens to be a drain.

Eliminating odour from bacteria buildup requires cleaning and disinfection. While you can buy cleaners from big box stores, contacting an experienced plumber for professional cleaning is best.

2. Stinky Sump Pump

People often expect basements to smell a bit off, and damp. However, a clean basement with proper moisture control should not have any unique or peculiar odours. The smell of something offputting usually suggests an issue with the sump pump.

A stinky sump pump can result from misdirected wastewater lines or washer drainage. Sump pumps are not specifically wastewater systems; they are devices necessary for controlling water levels and pressure in the basement. If misused, the sump pump system will start to smell.

You need to limit the number of pipes draining into the pump. Also, ensure the system has a secure-fitting cap to keep odours down and prevent random items or materials from falling into the collection basin.

3. Grease

Congealed grease in your kitchen sink drain can produce a mouldy or rotten egg smell. Never pour grease into your drain; it is one of the leading causes of blockages and foul odours and can significantly damage your system.

For minor grease buildups, pour two teaspoons of baking soda into the drain. Add vinegar. Finally, pour a pot of boiling water into the drain. The mixture can help loosen and rid the drain of the grease.

4. Garbage Disposal

Like grease, rotting food scraps can create a mouldy or rotten egg smell. Garbage disposals are notorious collectors of leftover food. To prevent odours, always run water through the system after using it — 30 seconds is usually enough. You can also use ice cubes to help clean the disposal. Throwing lemon wedges or lime slices into the disposal can also help mask any odours.

How To Prevent Smelly Drains

As with most household issues, prevention is about maintenance. Cleaning your drains often will help eliminate and keep odors down. You can use DIY cleaning solutions or mixtures, but be careful when using commercial products; always consult a licensed plumber.

A Professional Can Help

A plumber provides a more thorough cleaning of your drains. Hire a plumber to clean your drains at least once per year can prevent drainage issues from causing unpleasant smells throughout your house.

Are your drains producing nauseating and permeating aromas? Contact Handyman Connection to schedule a drain cleaning with a licensed and experienced plumber. The professional can also assess your system to determine if there are any other issues with your plumbing.

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