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Storage  /  February 10, 2023

Winnipeg Storage Solutions: Simple Steps to Take for Bathroom Organization

Steps to take for organizing bathroom

As one of the most frequently used spaces in your home, bathrooms easily become cluttered and unorganized. You need to be able to find your toiletries quickly when you need them, and having a clean and organized bathroom makes you feel better about entertaining guests. Keeping a bathroom organized isn’t easy, however, but using the right storage solutions helps. Here are four tips for keeping your bathrooms organized and how you can find bathroom storage solutions to help you maximize your space.

1. Keep Counters Clean

It’s no secret that cluttered counters make bathrooms look unorganized, so you should strive to keep your counters as clean as possible. Instead of keeping all of your toiletries, makeup, hairbrushes and styling tools on the counter, find a way to keep them neat and organized inside drawers and cabinets. If you can keep your counters clean, your bathroom will automatically appear more organized. It’s also a good habit to wipe down the counters each day to remove any soap or toothpaste residue. Clean counters make bathrooms look more organized and tidy even if the mess is hidden behind cabinet doors or in drawers.

2. Organize Items for Each Family Member

If various members of your family use different toiletries, it’s a good idea to organize the products by family member. Get a basket for each member of the family and label it with his or her name. You can then place all of his or her toiletries into the basket and slide it into your cabinet. The items are hidden behind cabinet doors, but each family member can easily locate all of his or her items without having them out to make the bathroom look more unorganized.

3. Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors for Storage

You probably don’t even think about the possibility of using the inside of your cabinet doors for storage, but this is a great place to store small toiletries. Install small hooks on your cabinet doors to hang razors, loofahs and other small toiletries. You can also install small racks to hold makeup products and brushes. The more items you can hide inside of your cabinets, the cleaner and more organized your bathroom will look.

4. Declutter

You probably have a lot of old items in your bathroom that are not necessary. Expired makeup products, old toiletries and ripped towels take up space and offer little value. If you take time to declutter your bathroom and get rid of unwanted items, you’ll have less to organize so you can keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy at all times. Avoid having multiple bottles of bubble bath, shampoo or body wash out and consolidate them into separate cleaners. While it’s normal to have everyday items out for people’s sake, you don’t want to keep items you never use because they just make your small space look unorganized.

Install Professional Storage Solutions

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your bathroom, it’s hard to keep the room organized. Handyman Connection can help you create creative storage solutions to maximize your storage space. We can install cabinets, shelves and vanities that maximize storage and give you more opportunities to keep your bathroom clean and organized. Because we have the proper tools and experience, you can be confident that our craftsmen know what they are doing when it comes to bathroom renovations and storage solutions.

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