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Q: How can I make my deck the perfect summer outdoor living space?

A: Whether you are hosting a summer BBQ, relaxing in the sun or summer eves, or spending quality time with family, you want your deck to be an inviting space.
Here are a few tips to add to your summer checklist:

Decks are subject to damage from the effects of weather and normal wear and tear. Make sure you keep up with yearly deck maintenance such as:
1. Inspect your deck for any noticeable damage or concerns such as rough wood that may cause splinters, loose boards, planks, railings and stairs.
2. Power wash to remove dirt and debris which can cause discoloration and damage to your deck. This can also help dilute any chemicals that may have come in contact from the care of plants and grass.
3. Paint or Stain your deck and finish with a deck sealant to not only keep it beautiful, but to help keep your deck protected for years to come.
4. Like any space in your home, decks require regular cleaning and maintenance throughout the year, but thoroughly at least once a year.

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