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Home Improvement  /  November 12, 2020

Home Improvement Tips for Painting Your Home’s Interior in West Omaha, NE

So, you’ve decided to paint your home’s interior. That’s great! You’re making a commitment to home improvement, and you should be proud of yourself. Before you can pat yourself on the back, however, you’ll want to be sure to go through all the necessary steps to ensure it’s done right. Here are some home interior painting tips you should think about before getting started.

Avoid Humidity

Even if you’re painting indoors, you’ll want to wait until the weather is dry before proceeding. Humid weather will slow the drying process, making any home improvement project more complicated. If there are thunderstorms in the area, or if it’s raining, perhaps put off the paint job for another day if you can.

Prep Your Home in Advance

Painting your home is a home improvement job that needs to be carefully monitored from start to finish. That means you’ll need to make all the necessary preparations before applying any paint. Spackle any holes and large cracks you find, and lightly sand or scrape any peeling or flaking areas in the walls. You also might need to thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry any dirty or greasy spots, and don’t forget to remove all outlet and light switch covers.

Choose the Best Materials

For any home improvement project, you’ll always want the best tools for the job. Painting your home’s interiors is no different. Clearly, you’ll want the best paint, but it’s worth spending a little extra to have superior brushes and roller covers as well.

Make Liberal Use of Drop Cloths

Once you’ve determined the perfect color of paint, you might be tempted to get started without covering your floors and furniture. This would be a mistake. Even the most careful paint job will result in some splatter, so you’ll want to be prepared for this eventuality by covering everything in your home with drop cloths before any painting takes place.

Start at the Top

After you’ve used a brush to cover the edges at the ceiling and baseboard, you’re going to use a roller to cover the vast majority of your walls. To do so, you should apply the paint from the ceiling downward. This will make it easy to cover all drips with the roller as you proceed to paint each wall. Also, trust your roller. You don’t have to push hard against the wall with a roller for adequate coverage. Extra pressure isn’t necessary, and you can use an extension pole to reach the higher areas without putting undue pressure on your back.

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