Drywall has shifted the way buildings’ inner walls are built. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, drywall installation can be an economical and attractive option. At Handyman Connection of Victoria, our experts know the correct length of screws, how to counterbalance panels so seams meet evenly and pay attention to wiring and pipes to prevent further repairs.

Facts about Drywall

Drywall is formed from supple, thin gypsum panels that are noted for easy setup and low cost. Drywall is found in many new residential environments. This useful substance is fire and sound resistant, durable, light, cheap and straightforward to decorate.

Handyman Connection of Victoria’s Repair Services

It doesn’t matter if you need a few punctures repaired or want to add a new office, drywall can be the right choice for your home. At Handyman Connection of Victoria, our services are ideal for the following:

  • Dents in walls
  • Water damage repairs
  • Deep scratches on walls or ceiling
  • Moving damages
  • Damage from previous tenants

Handyman Connection can also provide these services:

  • Finishing touch painting
  • Smoothing existing walls and ceilings
  • Plastering
  • Baseboard installation
  • Trim Painting

Contact Us

Need drywall installation or maintenance in Metchosin, BC? We specialize in residential drywall installation and repairs. From seamlessly installing the panels to fixing fractures or dents, we are the people you need to call for all your drywall requirements. Call us today at 250-384-4969 to receive your free quote today.