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Electrical  /  June 23, 2022

What You Need To Know About Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Benefits of carbon monoxide detectors

In your everyday life, you rely on appliances such as stoves, fireplaces, power tools, furnaces, and generators. These are all marvellous conveniences that make your life much easier. Unfortunately, appliances such as these have the potential to give off a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide. Exposure to carbon monoxide can kill you, so it is a good idea to hire an electrician in Victoria to install carbon monoxide detectors to alert you to the danger before it is too late.

What Is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a molecule that consists of one atom of carbon and one atom of oxygen. Whenever you burn fuel, such as diesel, gasoline, oil, propane, or wood, carbon monoxide is produced as a byproduct.

Carbon monoxide is almost impossible to perceive in the air. It has no odour, colour, or taste. Most of the appliances with the potential to produce carbon monoxide have vents to carry it outside where it can dissipate. However, if the vents get blocked or the equipment breaks down, carbon monoxide could leak into your home. The smaller and more confined the space is, the more quickly carbon monoxide can build up inside it and the more dangerous it becomes.

What Does Carbon Monoxide Do to the Body?

Carbon monoxide latches onto the hemoglobin in the blood, which is responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues of the body. This prevents the body from getting enough oxygen because the hemoglobin can’t carry it with the carbon monoxide in the way. Early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include confusion, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, and loss of consciousness. These symptoms start out mild at first, but the more your body is deprived of oxygen, the more severe they can become. Eventually, you could die because of a lack of oxygen.

What Is a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

A carbon monoxide detector is similar to a smoke detector in that it has the ability to determine when increased levels of carbon monoxide are present in the atmosphere within your home. There are different types of detectors, but in each case, increased levels of carbon monoxide will produce a chemical reaction. This triggers a sensor within the device, which then causes an alarm to go off, alerting you to the danger.

What Are the Benefits of a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

The major benefit of a carbon monoxide detector is that it is designed to alert you to danger before you start showing symptoms. Because one of the signs is confusion, you may not recognize the symptoms as warnings of carbon monoxide poisoning until it is too late. Another benefit of carbon monoxide detectors is that they do not stop making noise until the level of the gas in the air declines to an acceptable level.

What Should You Do if Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off?

When the carbon monoxide detector goes off, you should evacuate the building immediately, just as you would in the case of a fire alarm. You need to stop inhaling the gas and breathe in some fresh air instead so that your body gets the oxygen it’s lacking because of the carbon monoxide. Once you are outside, you should call emergency services as soon as possible. If you do not have your phone with you, you can go to a neighbour’s house to call.

Why Should You Hire an Electrician in Victoria To Install Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

A detector is your first and only defence against carbon monoxide poisoning. You need to be sure that it is installed and working properly, and the best way to do that is to have the installation done by a trusted professional. Find out more about all the electrical repair services available from Handyman Connection.

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