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Painting  /  December 23, 2021

What Type of Paint Should Be Used in Your Victoria Bathroom?

paint to use for your Victoria bathroom

Considering that you spend a significant portion of time in your bathroom, your paint choice can play a big part in how you start your day. Paint choice can also determine whether or not your complexion is true to form or if the paint colours skew your appearance. Depending on whether or not you take hot showers and what kind of ventilation you have in your bathroom, you also have moisture to contend with when choosing paint. Learn how to make the most informed paint choice possible and who to call for expert painting services in Victoria.

Types of Paint

Keep a few critical differences in mind when picking finishes for your bathroom.


High-gloss is easy to clean and repels moisture but makes walls look enamelled and reflect light in peculiar ways. High-gloss trim is best for repelling water at the ground level and keeping seams dry.


Semi-gloss is also easy to clean and water repellant. Semi-gloss does not typically create too harsh a glare from the reflection of light in your bathroom. Many people consider semi-gloss to be the best choice when it comes to bathroom paint.


Others prefer satin paint with a nearly semi-gloss finish but less water repellant than the other gloss finishes. Many people have satin paint in their homes as it is a popular paint finish. Before continuing the theme to your bathrooms, be sure to include a primer for best results.


Eggshell is just a touch above flat and can be difficult to wipe clean, and will undoubtedly leave moisture marks if condensation drips down the walls.


Flat paint is difficult to clean and difficult to keep moisture off of, despite your best efforts. Water streaks will show and eventually could damage the drywall underneath. You may also make more repairs with flat paint as it absorbs moisture rather than repelling it.

Damage Prevention

Once you have decided on your paint finish, there are additional measures of protection that you can take to prolong the life of your paint job.


Different additives are often added to actual bathroom paint that kills mould and moisture, and many claims to be antimicrobial or prevent water from reaching drywall. You can seek out specific bathroom paint with these kinds of additives and then have it tinted to your preference.


You might be better suited to using a primer to prepare your walls for paint. After repairing and cleaning your walls thoroughly, call in professionals to ensure no water has damaged internal walls or vents. This step is essential to your health. Once you’ve been cleared, primer can seal in damages and correct watermarks. Primer also helps repel moisture and prevent any additional damages.

Complementing Colours

Choosing a colour for your bathroom comes next. Remember, you spend a lot of your time in the bathroom bathing, cleaning, getting ready, etc. It is essential to choose colours that complement your preferred aesthetic.

Complexion Considerations

Colours that are too bold reflect light and skew your complexion. This unrealistic representation is problematic for those that spend time and painstaking effort applying make-up only to walk outside and find they look pink in natural light or green when the sun shines on them. It is challenging to colour correct when you can’t see the accurate colour of your face.

Neutral Palettes

Choosing paint for your bathroom that accurately represents your complexion while creating a serene environment should be your primary objective. Choose a neutral palette and good lighting to depict a more accurate version of yourself. Some neutral paint colours ideal for bathrooms include:

  • Grays
  • Whites 
  • Blacks 
  • Beiges

When you’re ready for a bathroom that shows you in your best light and is an extension of your style, call the professionals at Handyman Connection in Victoria for remodeling and renovation services.

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