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Electrical  /  November 24, 2022

Protect Pets From Electrical Hazards Around Your Home

electrical hazards to protect your pets

Pets, especially dogs and cats, are members of your family, and because they are as susceptible to electricity as human beings are, you need to protect them from the hazards in and around your home just as you would your human family members. An electrician in Victoria can help you mitigate these hazards, but first, you have to recognize them. It can be difficult to do unless you can look at the world from the perspective of a cat or dog.

Outdoor Hazards

Most of the electrical hazards that pose the biggest threat to your pet are indoors, but there are some that you find outside as well. For example, a combination of water puddles and metal street equipment can conduct electricity more easily. This can lead to a phenomenon called stray voltage or contact voltage. Electric shocks from stray voltage are rare, but they can happen to either you or your pet.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent it. Many dog owners put booties on their pets’ feet to protect them from snow, ice, sharp rocks, and miscellaneous chemicals. If the booties have rubber soles, they can insulate your dog against electrical shock. Rubber does not conduct electricity, so the energy doesn’t have a path to the ground. You can wear rubber-soled shoes for the same purpose. Regardless of your footwear, you can also avoid electric shock by not letting your dog walk through puddles or come in contact with metal surfaces when outdoors.


To a cat or a dog, a power cord looks like something to play with, a toy or a prey animal such as a snake. Pets are tenacious in their play, and if they were to chew the insulation off a cord, it could result in a potentially deadly electrical shock.

To protect your pet, first, make sure that it has plenty of real toys to play with. Hopefully, these are more attractive than power cords. Once distracted, there are things you can do to dissuade your pet from playing with power cords:

  • Cover the cords with plastic tubing
  • Tie the cords together with twist ties
  • Tuck the cords out of sight
  • Wipe a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice on the cord so it tastes bad to your pet.


Dogs and cats have acute senses of smell that they use to gather as much information about the world around them as possible. Your pet is so cute when sniffing around your house, but if that cold nose comes in contact with an electrical socket, it could result in tragedy.

If you’re worried about your pet nosing up to empty sockets, you can put plastic covers over any that are not in use. Pets are unlikely to take much interest in electrical sockets unless those alluring cords are plugged into them. Push each plug into the outlet completely so that none of the prongs are even partially exposed to protect your pet from electrical shock.

Unsafe Napping Places

Cats and dogs are den animals; they love to curl up in warm, dark places to nap and look for these places specifically. Electronics or appliances can give off heat, and that makes them attractive to your pet, especially the cozy space behind them. Because this is usually where the electrical connections are, it isn’t really a safe place for your pets, however, inviting it may seem to them. Look for ways to block off these areas to your pet if possible, and try to create safe spaces for your pets to nap that you can encourage them to use.

An Electrician in Victoria Can Help

Whenever you need electrical repair services, whether because of your pet or for a completely unrelated matter, trust the well-trained technicians from Handyman Connection.

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