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Storage  /  November 17, 2021

5 Simple Ways To Add Storage Around Your Victoria Home

adding storage to your home

Whether your home has plenty of closets or not enough room, you can usually find more space than you realize if you think outside the box. Part of the equation may be paring down your possessions to reduce clutter or recycle items you no longer use.

On the other hand, you may find that the layout of your home or current closet and cabinet configurations do not provide enough storage solutions for your family’s needs. These five suggestions to add more storage range from furniture finds that do double duty to easy home renovations in Victoria that give you some much-needed space.

5 Storage Solutions that Work for You

Perhaps you have already exhausted the usual sources for boosting storage space, such as adding shelving or modifying closets. What other options do you have to find a place for everything? These storage ideas include areas that often go ignored to help you see how space exists if you know where to look:1.

1. Coat Rack

Small houses, condos, or apartments do not always have a coveted coat closet. If this sounds like your home, you may want to add a coat rack to organize your outerwear. A coat rack can be something as simple as a series of hooks on a wall by your front door for jackets or as involved as a mudroom with built-in benches or cubbies for shoes. Your handyman can help you decide what options work best in your limited space to utilize empty wall space.

2. Ottoman

Tufted leather or upholstered ottomans can do more than support your feet after a long day. They can also provide extra seating or function as a coffee table with a tray on top. Even better, look for an ottoman that doubles as a storage bench. It is a wonderful place to stow games, books, or blankets when not using them. Window benches and banquette seating around a table can serve a similar purpose and are simple carpentry projects for an experienced DIYer or handyman.

3. Bathroom Towel Holder

How often do you see a long towel bar when you stay at a hotel? More often than not, your room has a towel holder that combines a towel bar with a shelf to hold extra towels and washcloths. This versatile shelving option also employs vertical space in your bathroom, giving it a polished, tidy look. Another choice would be a shelf with hooks underneath to hang towels to dry and stash other toiletries that might normally clutter the sink vanity.

4. Toy Box

Finding enough room for children’s toys is a challenge for many families. Toy boxes are the typical storage solutions, but what if you do not have space in a child’s bedroom or family room to hold everything? Consider under-bed space with flat boxes that slide out or built-in cabinets in the family room to stow playthings when it is time to clean up.

5. Garden Shed

You may not have room in your garage for all the items you want to keep there. Cars, bikes, sporting goods, and outdoor decorations take up a lot of space. With a garden shed that stands alone from the house, you can have a clean, dry area to organize and store gardening tools, mowers, and other yard equipment that protects them from rusting.

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Custom carpentry and remodeling services from Handyman Connection can give you the right amount of interior and exterior storage for your family. Contact us for more information about home renovations in Victoria to make room for everything. We can help you with storage solutions that complement your home and your lifestyle.

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