Handyman Connection for Vancouver is ready to perform the best maintenance and repair for local businesses. The professionals on our team are trained to handle maintenance for commercial properties such as store fronts, offices, factories or warehouses so your operations continue to run smoothly. We provide services like renovations, carpentry, electrical services, drywall installation and painting. Get any kind of maintenance for your commercial property near Vancouver on a scheduled basis or whenever you need us.

Don’t wait for an emergency to request an electrician, painter or over all maintenance professional, call Handyman Connection. We offer total repair for businesses throughout Vancouver, BC. With just one contact, you can save time, budget and stress. With a dedication to great service, you can expect a reliable and professional repair experience in the Vancouver region.

Speak with us if you have questions about where we serve, services we perform, hours and free commercial maintenance estimates.

Exterior Commercial Maintenance & Repair

Feel confident that your business makes the right impression before customers see the inside. We offer general maintenance and repair services for commercial customers in a variety of business settings. A sample of our most popular exterior repairs and maintenance are:

  • Concrete patches
  • Pressure washing
  • Balance or set up new doors
  • Install and change signage
  • Painting, drywall and other additions

General Interior Repair

The Handyman Connection professionals of Vancouver are experts in most repairs. With plumbers, drywallers and a range of specialists available on staff, we can assist you with complete remodeling of your business or simple adjustments. Handyman Connection does general commercial repair and maintenance like nobody else in the area. A few of our services include:

  • Painting
  • Plumbing additions and maintenance
  • Cabinets and carpentry
  • Tile repairs
  • Electrical repairs

Vancouver’s Best in Commercial General Maintenance

No matter if your company requires a total overhaul or basic maintenance, speak with Handyman Connection. Our team tackles the larger projects as efficiently as scheduled fixes, so you can focus on business as usual. Reach out to Handyman Connection of North Fraser today for a no-cost estimate for your business repairs. Call 604-800-6420.

Commercial Services