Ceilings can be one of the first things a person sees when they arrive at a business, so they should be stable and attractive. Ceiling tiles are the perfect way to enhance your company’s space, whether it’s a storeroom or high-end boutique. Ceiling tiles are also an excellent way to enhance the look of a property without a remodel. Ceiling tiles are a lot lower cost than an entire overhaul and can completely cover-up an unsightly ceiling. No matter what type of ceiling your building needs, Handyman Connection of North Fraser can tackle it.

Ceiling Tile Installation

The experts at Handyman Connection can help you choose what the ideal ceiling tile variety is for your space in addition to the best installation process. Acoustic ceiling tiles can help build a room is sound absorbent and acoustically flawless while decorative ceiling tiles can offer elegance to a room. Installation methods differ and can affect the appearance and practical purpose of a building as well. Handyman Connection can install ceiling tiles in using these methods:

  • Surface Mount Ceiling Installation — Surface mounted ceiling tiles are typically applied directly and work efficiently for maximizing the space in your building. Direct apply ceilings are an efficient means to mask discolored spots or exteriors you don’t like. These tiles are mounted directly onto a joist or onto a surface like drywall or plaster.
  • Suspended Ceilings — It’s easy to perform maintenance on a building’s vent system when you install drop ceilings. The open areas that drop ceilings provide make for easy maintenance. Drop ceilings also only require about 3 inches of added space, so they do not take too much of your building’s extra headspace.

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We strive to be fair, competitive and transparent with our quotes because the overall cost is important to businesses. When you hire Handyman Connection you can expect quality work and a cost-free estimate. Job sites are always left neat and each ceiling tile mounting will be done by a fully-vetted craftsman. We handle communication with all product suppliers and third-party contractors that carry the products you need. Your cost-free ceiling tile installation estimate is at the ready, reach out to us today.