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Hello, my name is Carolyn Smith.

Carolyn Smith is going into her 23rd year of owning Handyman Connection; she started with the dream of being able to offer services at a fair price, giving her craftsmen a fair wage and earning herself a fair income. Having a heart for seniors has driven her to help those not only in the aging community but those with disabilities having a recognition herself of the needs she faces when it comes to herself being a disabled senior citizen. Here at Handyman Connection, we believe in following through with what we start. Working to gain our clients’ trust, and aiming towards providing exceptional customer service. Our craftsmen are known for their quality work, the time they take to complete their jobs and the tools they utilize in the workplace and most importantly our men are recognized for their talent. Handyman connection is a jack of all tradesmen company, servicing our clients by providing them with just about every type of work. Handyman Connection is a company with a service heart and a service soul at the core of our business. Handyman Connection is never more vital, never more lived through our values than when we are truly connected to the community. Its the little things we do for our customers, as much as for ourselves, that help us build a truly memorable company.

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We serve the following areas:
Sudbury, Valley East, Capreol, Lively, Chelmsford, Azilda, Garson, Coniston, Skead and Falconbridge, Ontario

Trust your home repair and renovation projects to locally licensed and trusted contractors. At Handyman Connection, our passion is providing you with safe and reputable experts to handle any large or small home improvement project. Find out how our local team can assist you in restoring or updating your home in Sudbury. Stay safe and fall back in love with your property through updates, repairs and renovations.

Carolyn Smith has been your local Handyman Connection franchise owner since 1997. After her husband retired, she’s been proud to handle the franchise and continue to connect the local community with locally licensed and experienced contractors. She loves spending time with her two children, six grandchildren, and yellow lab named Rory. In her free time, Carolyn supports the Pregnancy Care Centre, which she led as an active director for over four years. She also supports the Infant Food Bank, Elgin Street Mission and local Christian Radio Station. She’s passionate about helping local craftsmen/craftswomen grow their business and connect them with homeowners in need of maintenance tasks or home upgrades.

Fall Back in Love With Your Sudbury Home

Nestled among over 300 lakes, Sudbury is an excellent location to call home in Northern Ontario. From the vibrant downtown community to the picturesque woodlands and rural spaces, Sudbury has something to offer everyone. From your first home to your forever home, you can’t go wrong with property in Sudbury and the surrounding area.

The financial and health care industries in the area have helped to create a strong economy, so your property is also a great investment. Work with local home improvement professionals to see how you can invest in your home and create a valuable property in a great location.

Your Local Home Repair Experts

Even the most well-kept home requires routine maintenance. If your water heater isn’t working, your windows are leaking air or you’re unhappy with your bathroom layout, it’s time to contact Handyman Connection. We work with local contractors to provide a variety of services to you and your community.

You never know what type of repair tasks may come up at your home. A burst water pipe, damaged light fixture or cracked tile are all safety concerns that need to be addressed quickly. If you don’t have a reliable handyman in mind, it can be stressful to search for an individual to handle these unfortunate incidents. A single call or text to our team is all you need for any home repair.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are common tasks that require a wide range of skills and experience. Finding all the reliable contractors in your area to handle one of these projects can be exhausting, so we take the stress out of this task and offer you a single, affordable quote.

Carolyn recognizes the need for renovations that make homes in Sudbury more accessible for the aging community as well as those living with disabilities. Work with Handyman Connection to install a walk-in shower and or other accessible features to continue to live in your home with the assistance you need.

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Request a free estimate today to discuss your next home repair or improvement project. Connect with experienced craftsmen and qualified contractors in the Sudbury area. Let Carolyn and the team at Handyman Connection help you stay safe and comfortable in your forever home.


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Excellent work done ! Courteous, worked constantly,cleaned up etc....Fabulous worker 😊

Riitta PSudbury, ONMay 17, 2021

I can always depend on Handyman Connection when I need work done. Thanks!

Linda GSudbury, ONMay 15, 2021

The response to my request was prompt. The plumber was professional, helpful and most of all he fixed the problem. I am very pleased with your service!

Ann MSudbury, ONMay 14, 2021

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