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Decks  /  March 16, 2021

A Guide to Deck Installation in South Shore, MA

A Beginner’s Reliable Guide to Deck Installation in South Shore, MA & Surrounding Areas

With spring around the corner, you and your family might be eager to get outside. Your backyard can be an improved space with the addition of a new deck. Your deck can be a small extension from your home, somewhere to relax, or the next place to host a family barbeque. Here are our tips on a deck installation.

The first step to deck installation is deciding what kind of deck you want. Are you imagining a deck, or a deck with a fireplace, an area to cook, entertainment, or at a pool side? See what your needs are and make a list to discuss with your handymen during an estimate.

Deck installation can use multiple materials from wood, composite material, plastic, or vinyl. Plastic and vinyl are the least maintenance but can be damaged in heat or extreme weather conditions. Composite—a mix of wood, plastic, and glue—requires a little maintenance. Wood is the most classic look but can be pricier, but the staining and sealing process allows for more customization options with stained colors.

Features on the deck can be items from the stairs, posts, and railing. For example, your stairs will be built on a concrete pad to prevent sinking or warping in the future. Posts will be spaced out every few feet and at every corner as supports on the deck and railing. Railing usually comes to three-feet high and is decorative as well as safe.

Decks can be customized by the colors of the materials, the stain, and more. Your posts need post caps to protect the top of the posts from rain, snow, and ice’s moisture. Post caps can be decorative with different shapes and sizes, all to your tastes.

This guide should help you be able to start brainstorming your new deck. From knowing what details go into the deck, what materials you can use, and more, you will be ready in no time to start planning. With professional handymen’s help, explore your options and see how you can improve your home.

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