How to Make Your Space Look Bigger Than It Really Is

How to Make Your Space Look Bigger Than It Really Is

Increasing your home’s square footage doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest in a new home addition. Space isn’t just physical, after all. How large and wide your room also depends on its visual space.

In this post, our experts at Handyman Connection® of South Shore discusses visual tricks to widen your space.

Replace the Draperies

Drapes and window covers are attractive, but they are large and add too much volume to the room. In small rooms, large draperies can make the area seem even smaller. To increase your room’s visual space, replace the draperies with shutters or vertical blinds. They are more efficient at blocking sunlight without adding unnecessary volume to the room.

Pick Larger Floor Tiles

You can also try installing tiles larger than the standard 12-inch size. Although they technically occupy the same square footage, they appear wider and larger when you compare it with the smaller ones. Doing this tricks the eyes into thinking the floor is bigger than it really is.

Install a Mirror

Adding a single large mirror in a room can visually double its existing square footage. We recommend installing this in a strategic position, preferably parallel to the room’s main windows. It allows the sunlight to bounce from the surface of the mirror and travel all throughout the room.

Clear the Clutter

Finally, keep your room free of clutter. Items strewn around the room add to the stuffiness of your square footage. If clutter is a problem in your room, we recommend installing a shelving unit. Add this in an underused space, and use it to store these objects.

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