Hire painting contractors from Handyman Connection of South Fraser

A paint can may not make you look twice as it sits on the floor or on a hardware store shelf, but it has great power when it’s put in the hands of true professionals. Handyman Connection’s painting contractors are able to take something like a simple bucket of paint and use it to transform your home. We are the perfect place in Delta to carry out all of your painting projects, from single rooms to entire homes.

Painting Services

We can do much more than just paint your bedroom wall; we offer many painting services for our Delta customers. Here are some of the types of painting that you can find at Handyman Connection:

Interior Painting

Every Delta painting job will be managed quickly and professionally. We’re focused on making the paint job look great and protecting your possessions.

Exterior Painting

There is a huge difference between indoor and outdoor painting jobs. As a part of these jobs, we will strip damaged paint layers and use a protective coating to ensure the durability of your exterior paint. We will ensure we use the right tools and follow the correct processes for these kinds of jobs.

Wallpaper Application

You can make a number of different creative statements in a room with the addition of wallpaper. To avoid bumps and bubbles over time, correct application is vital. Handyman Connection in Delta knows how to apply wallpaper correctly and steer clear of these mistakes.

Wainscoting and Bead Boards

These items are both simple ways to make a bold statement in any room. We know how to take care of these projects in a way to ensure that they look great and last a long time.

Accents & Textures

Using a single color to cover every blank space isn’t the only way you can paint. With faux painting and accents, we can help you create something that is truly unique.

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