Commercial shelving and storage from Handyman Connection

Storage is a big issue for warehouses, factories and other manufacturing companies. If your company manufactures hundreds of products a week, keeping them stored properly can be a challenge. Handyman Connection of Vancouver South Fraser offers storage and shelving answers for commercial businesses like yours. From high density storage to cantilever racks, Handyman Connection can design, install and finish storage of all types in your work space. We move fast and efficiently to provide the best services available. Get in touch with our team now for help with storage and shelving on your commercial property in Vancouver South Fraser.

Shipping & Industrial Shelving

Handyman Connection uses an efficient process when serving our commercial clients. All great projects begin with a conversation for clear about needs, scheduling and price quotes. No matter if your business needs floor to ceiling racks or a couple additional holding areas, we’re happy to assist. As soon as it has been completed, we inspect each product to ensure it’s ready to use. If you aren’t happy with your new shelving at any time, call us back and we can return for repairs or changes if necessary.

Clerical, Vendor & Other Storage

Shelving needs are slightly different for store owners because their client-facing pieces should function as well as they look. The Handyman Connection team of designers and a variety of contractors can stain and assemble bookshelves and additional storage. Additionally, we can bring in storage areas and closets to your commercial space.

Learn More about our Commercial Services

Call Handyman Connection today. Our professionals provide repairs for businesses of all types in and around Vancouver South Fraser. Want more information? Speak with our available representatives about shelving, storage and our additional specialties and receive a free estimate for your next project.