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Home Maintenance  /  December 13, 2018

The Right Way to Remove Spray Paint From a Metal Surface

Spray paint is a reliable and affordable choice for makeovers and repainting, but it is notorious for being incredibly difficult to remove from metal surfaces. You can’t brush or wipe it off a stainless steel or copper surface and it requires a more specific cleaning procedure.

Handyman Connection® of Rockville discusses how in this post.

What You Need

Gather these materials before starting your cleaning project:

  • A lint-free rag

  • Plastic gloves and goggles

  • Acetone and a respirator

  • Citristrip and a paintbrush

  • An old toothbrush and a plastic scraper

Preparing the Metal Surface

Place your spray-painted metal object on a lint-free rag or old shirt. Put on your protective gear and use your paintbrush to spread the Citristrip over the surface on a thick and even coat. Let it settle and wait for around 15 minutes.

Test a section of the spray painting surface using a stick or an old pen. Once you notice that the paint is starting to bubble, then the old spray paint is ready to scrape off. If not, give 15 more minutes to settle until the entire painted surface starts bubbling.

Removing the Paint

Using your plastic scraper, gently remove the paint. You won’t be able to get rid of the entire thing in one go, but it will be easier to remove now and you can use an old rag to get rid of the leftovers. Use the toothbrush to remove the hard-to-reach areas with paint.

You won’t be able to remove the entire coat of paint in one sitting, though, especially if the metal surface isn’t completely flat. Just reapply some Citristip and let it settle for five minutes. Fortunately, removing the remnants is easier to do at this point since it’s already loosened by the original coating.

Spray painting your home may seem easy to do, but it takes some skill to avoid accidentally spraying that fresh coat on areas that you aren’t supposed to paint on in the first place. To avoid the mess, leave the painting to Handyman Connection of Rockville. We offer complete interior and exterior painting services as well as faux finish painting and texturing. Call us today at (301) 453-2090 or fill out our form to learn more about our services.

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