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Storage  /  November 30, 2021

How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space

bicycle tires

Helpful Garage Storage Tips: How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space in Silver Spring, MD & Nearby Cities

Bikes are notorious for taking up a lot of room. Here are some garage storage ideas to keep your bike out of the way without taking up valuable storage space or creating a trip hazard. Before you continue, move the bikes out of the way to save time and effort.

It’s time to go out and figure out how to make your garage more functional if you can’t recall what’s in it right now. Pool toys, garden tools, children’s possessions, bicycles, fishing gear, holiday decorations and lights, items from last year’s graduation celebration, and more can all be found in garages. To reduce clutter, start by emptying your belongings and examining them to determine what you can keep, donate, or get rid of.

Knowing what you have is crucial when it comes to garage organizing and storage. To keep your stuff off the floor and out of the way, create or install custom shelves with the help of a skilled craftsperson. As you move to and from your vehicles every day, this will create a clear and easy-to-use zone. Label and arrange your boxes so you can find what you need when you need it.

Pegboards, shelving, hooks, and a variety of other items can be used to fill the empty wall space in your garage. It’s time to put the bike away once you’ve gotten everything organized and set up. Getting bikes off the ground and out of the way is one of our favorite garage storage solutions. Install and secure hooks in the wall or ceiling, for example, to easily hang your bike.

Your garage storage will be well-organized and straightforward to use if you follow these tips. To conserve room on the floor and keep your bike close at hand, hang it. Custom shelving, hooks, and pegboards in your garage will expand your options.

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