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Home Improvement  /  July 24, 2018

4 Privacy Fence Ideas to Try

For many homeowners working on their yard, their priority is how good it looks and what plants make up its greenspace. Security and privacy are equally important, so don’t forget about both when you start an outdoor project.

In this post, Handyman Connection of Silver Spring shares four privacy fence ideas to try with your next backyard project.

1. Translucent Panels

Translucent fence panels are a great way to add some privacy to your backyard without making your green space too dark. Frosted glass is the best choice as it creates a warm, luminous effect when daylight passes through it. It’s privacy and natural mood lighting combined.

2. Free-Standing Walls

Installing free-standing walls allows you to create a feeling of privacy without having to close off the garden completely. The ideal height should be as tall or slightly taller than a car, so that you can block off unwanted views.

3. Hedges

Alternatively, you can go the all-natural way and plant a hedge around your backyard. It doesn’t disrupt the lighting in your backyard and in fact adds extra green to your green space. Hedges also aren’t as stuffy as wooden or metal fences, but will add some much-needed security and privacy to your backyard.

4. Wooden Lattice

This is an inexpensive and very attractive option. Crisscrossing wood lattice, in particular, can actually increase your home value by making your backyard more appealing. While it’s technically just partial privacy, it’s better than having no fence at all to at least block direct view. It will also still let in light and the cool breeze, unlike a solid fence.

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