Wood floor repairs in Scarborough, Ontario.

Hardwood flooring has several perks. It is stylish and comes in a wide variety of colors and grains, but is also easy to maintain and keep clean. With so many options, every room in which you install hardwood flooring will look beautiful. Color, grain and type of construction are factors to consider when searching for new hardwood flooring. The experts with Handyman Connection of Scarborough are ready to assist you now.

Here are a few items to think about when shopping for hardwood floors:


Hardwood floors range in hue from light to deep browns with many vivid hues in between. If you wish to open up the room, go with a brighter hardwood stain. If you’re interested in a refined, earthy style in your rooms, consider a deeper color of hardwood. Ultimately, the color is your choice. Ask the professionals at Handyman Connection of Scarborough for answers.


Color isn’t the only thing to think of with hardwood. Hardwood often brings out the wood’s personality based on the texture of the wood grain. Rough, pronounced grain can bring up a rustic, worn-in feeling that might add to the coziness of a room. On the other hand, closer grain texture suggests a polished, contemporary appearance linked to clean lines.

In addition to texture and color, you can buy hardwood with different coatings – gloss or luster amount, scraping technique and degrees, wire-brushing and more. Our team of Scarborough is always happy to help you with questions.


  • Solid Hardwood – If the complex installation doesn’t intimidate you and you want flooring that will hold its value after decades of foot traffic, solid hardwood is a great option.
  • Engineered Hardwood – Although it is manufactured using cross-grain layers in the hardwood, it is still durable and long-lasting. Installation is much simpler than solid hardwood, with components that snap together.
  • Parquet Flooring – Parquet tiles arrange into decorative designs that liven up space while staying elegant. It’s an excellent method for blending wood types and colors for a more intricate style.
  • Bamboo Flooring – Modern and affordable, bamboo is durable enough to handle foot traffic while staying easy to care for. This material comes in standard shades or can be stained easily.
  • Cork Flooring – Although it’s not the cork you see in bottles of wine, cork flooring is tough, comfortable and available in several colors. This material is ideal for creating a warm space like those in studies or dens.

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