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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Drywall  /  October 26, 2022

3 Drywall Textures to Consider

3 drywall textures to consider

Are the walls in your home boring and flat? Change the drywall texture in your home and add some life to your walls. Continue reading to discover 3 great drywall texture ideas, decide which one is the best for you and find out how the team at Handyman Connection can help you with drywall repair services in Scarborough

Why are Walls So Boring?

Recent decorating trends have favoured flat, blank walls. Decorators are using colour rather than texture to bring a room together, and smooth walls support that approach.

However, adding a unique wall finish to your room can impart personality and interest that colour alone cannot. Even texturing a single accent wall can improve your home’s character. It can also help hide architectural errors and eliminate the need for costly home repairs to even out walls or ceilings.

Which Drywall Texture Should You Consider for Your Home?

Textured walls provide immediate warmth and richness in your rooms that regular paint cannot match. This fresh take on wall treatments is becoming quite popular. The texture is a fantastic way to elevate your space in a sophisticated and timeless manner that is also current and trending.

There are many drywall textures that you can consider for your home. Here are three favourites that can bring your home up to date and look classically timeless, all at the same time.

1. Comb

The comb texture produces a series of repeated rainbow shapes on the wall. While a simple technique, the varying widths and shapes of the arcs in the drywall compound provide interest and texture that is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

This finish is achieved by using a drywall compound, a roller, and a trowel with teeth. Choosing a trowel with even teeth results in a regular pattern, while uneven teeth can give you a less structured pattern. After application, the texture must dry for 24 hours before priming and painting.

2. Popcorn

Popcorn ceilings are a classic, popular since the 1970s. This texture can still be found in many homes today. This type of wall texture is popular for many reasons:

  • It is great at hiding imperfections
  • It can absorb sound, quieting rooms when used on ceilings and walls
  • It is an affordable solution for the problems it solves

The popcorn texture itself is a dry mix of drywall mud and polystyrene, applied to surfaces using a hopper gun powered by an air compressor. It comes in a standard white colour, although it can be painted any colour after it has completely dried.

3. Slap Brush Knockdown

The slap brush technique creates a random pattern of thin lines that adds an eccentric flair to any room; the knockdown technique creates a finish akin to stucco, achieved by flattening peaks and bumps with a knockdown knife.

A slap brush knockdown texture combines the slap brush technique with the flattening step of the knockdown texture to create a random pattern of flatter, wider lines, instead of peaked, thin lines. In the South, this texture is sometimes referred to as French Lace.

If you’re looking for an authentic feel with a personal touch, this texture is a good choice. It resembles older hand-plastering techniques and is appropriate for both walls and ceilings. Although it mimics a classic technique, it feels very contemporary and is especially effective in a living room, dining room, or kitchen. It is an excellent finish for drywall repair as it covers up any flaws.

How Can You Have Drywall Repaired and Installed in Your Home?

Textured walls are available to anyone, regardless of budget. You can include drywall textures in your home, whether on newly installed drywall, over a repair, or in addition to your existing walls. To get started contact the experts at Handyman Connection, the leading experts in drywall services in Scarborough.

Whether your drywall is damaged and needs repair or you would just like to liven up your home with a new wall texture, contact the experts at Handyman Connection today for a an estimate and get started.

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