When your heating, ventilation & air conditioning system is acting up, contact our HVAC contractors right away. Handyman Connection in the Valencia area is the top choice for reliable HVAC repairs and installations. Your HVAC system is a main feature in your property, and when it’s damaged or running inefficiently, have a pro fix it. If the unit isn’t performing at optimal levels, it’s pricier to keep it in operation than repairing it. Dodge the price tag of higher bills down the road and let Handyman Connection handle it.

A functional HVAC system makes your house comfortable year-round. If it’s warm outside and you are trying to keep the internal temperatures cool in your property, then running your insufficient system drains energy and money. The same is true in the winter. Don’t push your HVAC beyond its potential and have an HVAC service specialist with Handyman Connection fix it.

Supreme HVAC Repair & Installation Services

Our team of licensed HVAC contractors in Valencia, CA, have the skills that are necessary for servicing and pinpointing the complications your system is coming across. From there, they can provide the best plan of action to fix the issue and get your HVAC running as it should again. Their experience ensures that they will pinpoint and repair the issue accurately. Our primary objective is to give you a clear-cut breakdown and an evaluation of the most affordable and reliable ways to fix your HVAC system.

Handyman Connection’s reliable service contractors will work hard on your project. Upkeep for the unit in your property is important not only for the temperature and air quality, but also for energy consumption. Exorbitant energy consumption is a waste of resources and money. Save yourself from escalating energy bills and call us.


While furnaces are extremely efficient machines, they do require some care and routine maintenance services. Routine repairs have their benefits—they ensure that your system is functioning safely and extend the life of your furnace as well. Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley is run by expert service technicians who have the know-how to fix your furnace and offer excellent customer service.

Besides not having heated air blowing through your vents, there are signs you can look out for to determine whether you should get heating repairs. These include:

  • Irregular heat throughout the entirety of your house
  • Yellow pilot light instead of blue
  • Your furnace makes strange noises when it’s on
  • Your thermostat’s reading is off
  • Heating bills have increased
  • Bad indoor air quality
  • There’s a delay in heating
  • Your furnace is old

If any of these are common, don’t worry. You can depend on Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley to fix this. We understand the specifics of all heating systems. Our repair services for heating include:

  • Remediating problems with the blower
  • Repairing the mechanical issues your furnace is having
  • Repairing clogged burners
  • Getting dirty/clogged filters replaced
  • Repairing damaged thermostats
  • Resolving ventilation problems

Air Conditioner

Similar to any other mechanical units, AC systems can experience wear and tear over time. There are a few signs you can watch out for to figure out whether or not it’s time for AC repairs. These include:

  • Constrained air flow – You’ll know when your house is getting warm and not receiving proper air flow. This is a common malfunction to an air conditioner and this could be due to a defective compressor or your vents are blocked and the air flow is constrained.
  • The AC unit makes strange noises – It’s important to be aware of your AC, and this means the sounds it makes when it’s operating normally. When it’s not operating properly, it could make bizarre noises that you aren’t used to hearing. Scratching, scraping or screeching are typical sounds your AC can make when it’s defective. When your AC puts out these noises, then you should get in touch with an HVAC contractor.
  • Foul odors – Mold or mildew has a tendency to grow in your air conditioner. If this happens, you’ll have a musty odor in your home. Another typical issue with smell is when the AC’s wire insulation burns.
  • Moisture build up around the unit – A damaged condensation line or a refrigerant leak could cause an accumulation of moisture around your system.
  • No cool air – Reduced refrigerant levels or a broken compressor will prevent any cool air from entering your property.


You can maintain your house with simple adjustments such as having good ventilation, which a lot of property owners neglect. Without proper ventilation, your property can lock in warm air and stagnant moisture. Sooner or later, this kind of warm, humid environment can generate mold that can spread to various areas in your home. Major issues such as this can stem from having blocked air ducts that prevent sufficient circulation throughout your house in Valencia. Handyman Connection’s HVAC repair contractors will arrive promptly to analyze your home’s ventilation ductwork and ensure that it’s working correctly.

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At Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley, our dependable HVAC repair contractors will be able to make your house comfortable again. If you’re having furnace, AC or ventilation challenges, we can fix the problem you’re having at an affordable rate. Give us a call now.