Creating a Proper Spring Maintenance Checklist

A common misconception among homeowners is that spring maintenance is limited to cleaning alone. While cleaning does comprise a large portion of most spring maintenance schedules, other areas, structures, and appliances in your home are equally important. Sure, a spotless window allows you to enjoy the lush surroundings, but you can’t forget about your roof and siding. Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley suggests items that should be in your spring maintenance checklist to ensure a thorough bottom-to-top cleaning.


Gutter Systems

Your gutters are responsible for keeping water away from your home, so you should pay extra attention to their condition. Remove any and all debris from your gutters and downspouts to avoid any build-ups that cause blockages. Reattach any gutters that are pulling away from the house or replace them when necessary. Run a hose on your roof to check for proper drainage and possible leaks. If there are any, dry the area and use epoxy to seal it before it can cause major damage.

Roof and Siding

The roof and siding are two of the largest and most visible areas of your home. They also play a key role in its protection. Preserve your home’s beauty and defense by keeping these well-maintained. Inspect your roof’s surface for possible problem areas and minor issues. If there are none, conduct a thorough cleaning and check the flashings for any signs of damage.

Use a pressure washer to clean your siding and prevent any mold growth. If you have wood siding, conduct a thorough inspection and look out for signs of weathering or paint failure. You can sand the area and apply a primer coat then a fresh coat of paint to restore its beauty. Be sure to scrape any loose paint off for an even coat.

Window and Doors

Your home’s energy efficiency is largely dependent on the state of your windows and doors. Fill cracks, caulk edges, and replace them if necessary. Inspect your window screens for any holes where weather elements can enter, and patch these up. Maintain your home’s comfortable temperature and repair any damaged frames. Replace any missing or broken hardware to ensure that your windows and doors are fully functional and efficient. Lubricate hinges and closers when necessary for ease of operation.

Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley can help you prepare your home for the coming years. Consult us for thorough inspection and repair services. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

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