4 Popular Lighting Trends to Brighten Your Home This 2017

Interior lighting can represent the latest creativity and technological achievements in the design world. If you want to keep your at the cutting edge of interior design, then you need to pay attention to lighting trends. Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley talks about the top four lighting trends for 2017:

  1. Midcentury Modern Lighting – Midcentury Modern design features clean lines, soothing shapes, and minimalist style. It’s an in-demand lighting trend this 2017 because of its iconic and stylish quality. You can’t go wrong with this lighting trend because it will still stay appealing even when other trends have disappeared. Make sure to take advantage of how this lighting style can grab your guests’ attention when you design your interior.
  1. Wall Plates – While many people use wall-plates strictly for their utilitarian function, they can also be particularly design-forward. A striking wall plate can embolden your interior’s design narrative. This 2017, the trend in wall plates moves towards eye-catching and minimalist designs. Good wall plate colors for your home include metallic finishes, as well as white and gray shades.
  1. RLM Lighting Fixtures – This lighting fixture has an industrial/commercial appearance and has been steadily growing popular in the past year. It will continue to grow in popularity this 2017. RLM stands for Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer. They reflect light in a downward direction and they come in several different styles including modern, contemporary, and traditional. You can also customize these styles with many beautiful finishes.
  1. Gold – Gold has finally returned in interior lighting design. Designers and customers gravitate towards gold because of the warmth and depth of gold hues. Lighting fixtures that feature gold can capture the imagination and make your interior look luxurious and regal. We recommend mixing and matching gold with silver and brass to create a beautiful layered look with your lighting.

These trends represent the best of what’s available in the lighting market today. Great interior lighting will highlight the beauty of your interior furnishings and evoke the right mood that you want for your home. Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley is an expert in general home maintenance and light fixture installations. Our craftsmen have many years of experience and they can help install the best lighting for your home. Give us a call to learn more about the top lighting trends. You can also request a free estimate.

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