4 Different Methods To Determine If You Have a Leaky Toilet

Toilet leaks are a pain in a variety of ways. After all, leaks can cause your monthly water bill to skyrocket. With that in mind, if you suspect your toilet is leaking, it’s best that you conduct some tests as soon as possible to see if this is really the case. While it may seem like a difficult job, there are different methods to accomplish this.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of San Mateo discusses the four methods you can use to determine if you have a leaky toilet.

  1. Overflow Pipe – One method of checking if you do have a leaky toilet is by looking at the overflow pipe. Check if the water level goes above it and if it does, then it means that your fill valve has an issue that causes the water to continue trickling down the bowl.

  1. Noise Check – Another method you can use is to check if you unused toilet is making a running noise. If it does, then it’s a tell-tale sign of a toilet leak. However, this method can also be a red herring as the running noise can sometimes be stopped if you adjust the flapper valve by jiggling the handle, meaning that it isn’t always a reliable method for checking for toilet leaks.

  1. Dye-Tablet Method – The dye tablet method is the most popular method of checking for toilet leaks available. Simply drop a dye tablet (or even food coloring) into your toilet tank and let it sit there for around 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, check the toilet bowl and if you see that the water has changed to the color of the dye tablet, it means that your toilet is leaking and you should call a plumber immediately.

  1. Overnight Method – Alternatively, if the aforementioned methods fail to work, the overnight method is your last chance at spotting the toilet leak on your own. Before heading to bed, shut off the water to the toilet that might be leaking while the tank is full. In the morning, check the tank’s water level; if there’s only an inch of water left, then there’s something broken in the tank that is causing the leak.

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