6 Aging-In-Place Considerations To Make For Your Living Room

Many people prefer to grow old in the home they’ve lived in. With that in mind, homeowners are starting to invest in some aging-in-place improvements done in various parts of their home, such as the bedroom and the bathroom. While preparing these rooms for the future is a good step, there is another room that you should prepare: the living room.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of San Mateo discusses the six aging-in-place considerations you should make when you’re updating your living room.

  1. Lighting – Elderly homeowners who decide to go the aging-in-place route will need to be able to see well so they can navigate around their furniture. With that in mind, if your home’s lighting is poor, there is a greater chance of tripping on obstacles and incurring injuries. Therefore, improving your home’s lighting should be one of the considerations at the top of your list when you’re upgrading your living room for aging-in-place purposes.

  1. Safer Flooring – Flooring is another important aspect of protecting yourself as you age-in-place. When it comes to making your flooring safer, you can choose between installing a carpet for its softness or hard flooring since it reduces the chances of tripping. While both options are great, hardwood flooring is the widely recommended way to go since it’s easier to move wheelchairs and walkers on it.

  1. Grab Bars – Grab bars are more commonly seen in bathrooms but there’s no harm in installing some in your living room as well. Grab bars can make standing, sitting and walking easier for you as you age-in-place, so consider adding some as early as you can to be prepared.

  1. Furniture – Eventually, the furniture you currently have may not be able to suit your comfort and safety needs any longer. Therefore, it’s best that you prepare ahead of time and replace your current furniture with more comfortable and safer pieces, such as recliners that assist you into a near standing position.

  1. Space – As you grow older, getting from one room to another may become more difficult, especially if your living room’s layout doesn’t allow for much space due to the furniture. Basically, your living room has to be big enough so you can easily move from one room to the next. To accomplish this, you can either add onto your home or move the furniture to get the adequate amount of space you need.

  1. Phone Access – Keeping a phone close by can be your saving grace in times of emergencies, especially if you’re aging-in-place. Unfortunately, due to age or disabilities, it might become impossible for you to immediately get to the phone when you need it. To avoid this, you have a few choices, such as having multiple cordless phones nearby or in every room. Whatever the case, always make sure that the phone is always accessible. 

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