Trim is one of the unsung heroes of any home. It is that little detail that you might not see unless it’s missing. It is one of those small items that go overlooked, but also provides that perfect finishing touch to your home that enhances its over-all beauty.

Exterior Trim Replacement and Installations

The trim surrounding the exterior of your house, whether made of vinyl or wood, will suffer wear and damage over the years. Trim that’s in poor condition is not only unattractive, it can enable water to seep underneath it and cause further damage to your house. Repair the trim on the exterior of your home to improve the condition, as well as restore its beauty.

The best was to inspect for exterior trim issues on your house is by taking a walk around it. You need to call Handyman Connection of Regina if you notice cracks, holes, unstable or rotting wood. We will then determine whether your trim can be fixed or should be replaced. Our handymen can make a few expedited fixes to return trim to great shape if the wood isn’t rotting, significantly distorted or majorly broken.

Exterior Trim Material Options

  • Wood: Wood is the most popular substance for exterior trim. It’s available in either whole boards or finger-jointed sections. Finger-jointed wood trim is just shorter wood pieces that lock together. It’s easy to install wood trim and holds paint well.
  • Plastic: Plastic trim comes in two forms, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Polyurethane is somewhat pricier, but more dense and ready to paint. PVC should be sanded prior to painting.
  • Fiber-cement: Fiber-cement combines cement, sand and wood-fiber reinforcement. It’s resilient, fire retardant and resistant to water and insects. Fiber-cement trim is typically moisture repellent, which means paint will last for years to come.
  • Laminated veneer lumber: Layers of wood veneer in a parallel grain and two veneer cross bands are covered by an average thickness overlay to make this substance.
  • Hardboard: This trim is made from hardwood chips that are warmed with steam and water and then pushed into board stock. During pressing, lignin, that is part of wood, will begin to run again and serve as adhesive to hold the board together. Lignin makes the hardboard more resistant to decay than wood.

Interior Trim and Molding

Crown molding adds both value and beauty to your home. Crown molding is a small touch that makes a big difference in any area, regardless of the room’s size. Molding can give a polished look to any room, no matter the design style of your home. Despite the benefits of having your home finished with molding, installing it is no easy task. Handyman Connection can install crown molding in your home easily and with no effort on your part. We can also repair any damaged molding you have in your home improving its overall appearance.

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