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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Plumbing  /  January 31, 2023

Red Deer Plumbing Services: Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Sump Pump

Winter maintenance tip for your sump pump

The sump pump helps remove water from the sump basin, averting potential flooding and keeping your home dry. In the winter, your sump pump is at risk, which is why you need to protect it and prepare it, possibly hiring plumbing services in Red Deer to do it for you.

Your home’s pump does not run as often in the winter months as it does in the summer, but it does run. If the water in the sump basin freezes, the pump cannot perform its job effectively, which can damage it and the system.

You or a licensed plumber can prevent damage and limit potential risks by prepping the system for the winter. The process is not too involved and will probably only take an hour or two to complete.

1. Keep Water Running

While it might seem unrelated, the water in your home’s supply lines correlates with the water in the sump basin. If you prevent water from moving inside your home, it can cause frozen pipes and a frozen sump basin.

It is better to maintain free-flowing water in your plumbing lines. If you can leave a slow trickly in a single faucet, you significantly reduce the risk of freezing.

Obviously, leaving water running anywhere in your house will cost money. You can minimize the expense by reducing the trickle to a slow drip. Also, consider it is likely less expensive to pay for a consistent drip than failed supply lines of the sump system. You can talk to a plumber about other options to keep pipes from freezing.

2. Disconnect the Sump Pump Discharge Hose

Winterizing your sump pump means disconnecting any discharge hose extensions. Water is more likely to freeze in a standard extension hose than the discharge pipe.

If you must use an extension to move water further away from your home, use a freeze-proof hose. When installing a freeze-proof extension, ensure it is located somewhere it doesn’t present a safety hazard. Also, the hose should slope down and away from the house to ensure water doesn’t become trapped in the hose.

You should hire a professional plumber to set up any extensions. The licensed plumber can ensure the hose is at an appropriate angle and installed correctly to minimize the risks of freezing and injury.

3. Protect the Motor

For many homes, the sump pump represents the primary source of drainage. You can help reduce the strain on the system in the winter by redirecting water to alternative drainage options. You want to keep the pup from turning on frequently in the colder months because that can force the pump to overwork, which can lead to overheating and failure.

A licensed plumber can help you evaluate your existing sump pump and make recommendations for winterization. They can also help implement any changes to reduce the risks of pump failure.

While winterizing seems straightforward, it is not a DIY project, especially for someone with limited or no experience with plumbing systems. When homeowners work on their home’s plumbing systems, they create liabilities for themselves. It is always best to hire a professional.

Handyman Connection is a reputable service in Red Deer and throughout Canada. The company is known for its professional vetting process and only working with the best and most experienced service professionals in the industry.

Is your home ready for winter? Have you winterized your sump pump or assessed your plumbing to ensure it can withstand the upcoming season? Contact Handyman Connection and schedule an appointment with one of the many qualified plumbing professionals working with the service. The technician will come to your house for an in-person project assessment and provide you with solutions and estimates for the job, should you agree to the contract.

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