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Storage  /  June 20, 2023

Red Deer Storage Solutions: Tips for a Well-Organized Pantry

Tips for a Well-Organized Pantry

As one of the most frequently used spaces in your home, your kitchen must be organized so that you can find cooking utensils and food items quickly when you get ready to make dinner each night. Having a well-organized pantry is an important element of having a functional kitchen. Here are four tips that can help you organize your pantry effectively.

1. Take Inventory

Before you can start organizing your pantry, you have to know what food items you already have. Make a list of all the pantry staples you have and make sure to keep it updated so that you don’t purchase items you already have on hand. Having multiple bags of flour or dozens of cans of vegetables make your space look cluttered and causes you to spend more on your grocery bill than necessary. Making a list of the food items you have also helps you develop a game plan for the best way to organize them.

2. Label

Labelling is an effective tool for keeping your pantry organized. Group similar items together in baskets or other open containers and label them so that everyone in your family knows where to look when they need a specific ingredient. For example, you can have a basket designated for unopened sauces, so when you put away your groceries for the week, you know exactly where to put them so you can find them quickly when you need them.

It’s important to remember that sometimes your organizational system will change, so you may want to use labels that can be altered easily. Consider chalkboard labels or stickers that can easily be replaced if you decide to alter your organizational system. Labels are especially important if you take food items out of the original packaging and need to know what ingredient is in which container.

3. Use Door Space

When it comes to organizing your pantry, you must take advantage of every inch of storage space available to you. The shelves inside the pantry are obvious storage places, but you can also take advantage of your door. Attach an organization rack to the back of your pantry door so you can store small items. This technique is perfect for smaller items such as spices. It frees up storage space on the shelves so you have more room to place bigger items and containers, and it also keeps smaller items neat and organized so you don’t have to search through a big basket to find the one you are looking for.

4. Invest in Clear Containers

Packaging of various sizes and colours makes your pantry look cluttered and disorganized. By investing in clear airtight containers, you can make your pantry look more organized while also keeping your food fresh. Instead of keeping food in the packaging it comes in, store it in airtight containers and label them appropriately. It allows you to easily see which items you are running low on and need to add to your grocery list. This habit also gives your pantry a neat, streamlined appearance and makes it easy to find the ingredients you need for dinner.

Hire a Professional To Help With Storage Solutions

Although taking advantage of the space you have and investing in organizational items can help you keep your pantry neat and tidy, sometimes you need to bring in a professional for home renovations in Red Deer. The expert craftsmen at Handyman Connection can help you create and install creative storage solutions in Red Deer so you can keep your pantry organized at all times. Contact us today to get a quote for custom storage cabinets.

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